Winter Solstice and Astral Weather Forecast, December 2015
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winter solsticeThe Sun is receiving its annual rejuvenation at the Galactic Center now, transiting in the early part of sidereal Sagittarius. The solstice occurs on December 21 at 11:49 PM EST / December 22 at 4:49 AM UT, but we are moving into its aura now, and then afterward, the still-point effect will last for three more days. This is an extremely sensitive time for the planet and for our nervous systems, so it is important to slow down and be extra mindful. The spiritual doorways are opening and shifting and that can be a magnificent experience for those who are tuned inward, but functioning in 3D requires a bit of extra grounding and awareness now.

From Dec. 22-26, Mars ~ warrior planet of action and energy ~ traverses the sandhi (edge or cusp) between sidereal Virgo and Libra, which is his own creative and fiery realm of Chitra nakshatra. Planets in sandhi are vulnerable, and here for Mars, we may have to dig deeper to find equipoise and strength as his impatient, impulsive, violent and accident-prone tendencies can go a bit haywire.

Venus also traverses a sandhi at the same time, between sidereal Libra and Scorpio from December 24 to 26, and once in Scorpio will exchange signs with Mars in Libra until January 18, 2016. This is called Parivartana Yoga in Vedic astrology, a mutual exchange or reception in western terms. This particular exchange happened the last time in the fall of 2008 during the global economic crisis. It can be a combination for financial upsets, as well as vehicular accidents.

Devotion, passion and spontaneity are some of the more positive results to be expected when Venus and Mars join forces in aspect or reception, but also sometimes, selfishness, hostility, jealousy, envy and quarrels can ensue, depending on the signs of their placement and houses of ownership. Western astrologers Lee Lehman and Rob Hand have called any kind of detrimental mutual reception “mutual deception.” This is because planets in detriment (in signs opposite their own) are considered weakened. Mars and Venus are in detriment in Libra and Scorpio, so the idea is that, rather than helping each other, the two planets will be at some odds.

A good remedy for balancing the Mars-Venus reception is vigorous physical exercise, with heart rate up and breaking at least a light sweat. Holly flower essence is a Bach flower remedy that is also a good remedy for this transit, as it is a heart healer that can help assuage feelings of envy, jealousy, anger and hostility which can be provoked when the two lords of passion exchange signs. For more about Holly flower essence, I recommend this fascinating article by Patricia Kaminski:

Christmas Day, the Moon will be full and in Ardra nakshatra. The higher evolutionary nature of this Moon will shine potently through ardent feelings and deep perception, but the less favorable expression can be revealed through stormy conditions and arduous events. Christmas Night (10:52 PM Eastern Time), Uranus will station direct in Pisces. This will be experienced in the range of 5-10 days before and after the actual station. Uranus has been retrograde since July 26.

Uranus will station within a 2-degree orb of a square with Pluto, which is a longstanding on-and-off aspect since 2012, which speaks to the often-maddening personal and global upheaval we have known during this period. Quite literally, the full Ardra Moon with Uranus stationing on the same day foretells of dangerous stormy weather patterns in the coming two weeks, and with Ketu and Uranus both in Pisces, and Moon in Ardra (in air sign of Gemini) there is significant global potential for strong wind storms, heavy precipitation and flooding.

Uranus as a higher octave of Mercury can actually act like Mercury when it retrogrades or stations, and the effects may be experienced as technological and transportation/travel snafus and a sense of restlessness and unease. This station can reveal itself in some erratic energy and un-ease from the solstice and toward the end of the year. We can often expect some tempestuousness, grave shocks, big surprises or miraculous epiphanies when Uranus goes direct, so hang on to your hats now and through the end of the year as this station is resonating in both directions, forward and backward.

When a planet stations, it appears to halt and then move in the direction opposite to what it was before, which triggers and stimulates the planet and also the area of the zodiac where it is located. If you have any planets or chart points in sidereal Pisces, and especially around 21-23 degrees Pisces, or planets at 21-23 degrees anywhere else actually, this station is likely to activate a big change and probably some forward momentum in the areas of your chart that are involved.

Uranus will be stationing in visionary, mystical and inspirational Revati nakshatra in the constellation of Pisces. Uranus is the representative of higher mind, so with this, many of us may experience some ingenious and inventive reflections and insights. REVati nakshatra where the Great Awakener is stationing = REVelations and REVerie and REVelry and REVolutionary… and see how REVved up I am getting about it? That’s the effect of Uranus slowing down to its forward station!

SFPageDecember 28 and 29, the lunar nodes and then Jupiter will become sandhi, transiting on the delicate edge of their signs, and Rahu and Jupiter will be transiting very close to a conjunction with each other at the same time. Jupiter will station retrograde at 29 degrees sidereal Leo on January 8, 2016. The station will be felt at least 5-10 days before and after that. Jupiter will remain retrograde for five months until May 9, 2016. As Jupiter stations and then retrogrades, its nature, as reflected in such qualities as faith and hope, becomes more deeply internalized. In elective astrology, it is not recommended to initiate anything big (like a business endeavor or marriage) during the Jupiter retrograde cycle.

With Jupiter sandhi and lunar nodes also sandhi, this is a kind of sambanda (strong link or connection) and this speaks to certain sense of insecurity and many changes in the air just in time for the beginning of the civil New Year. For those on the path, this kind of liminal (edgy) time and space is a great opportunity, which shamanic dream explorer Robert Moss calls “the borderlands of the tame and the wild,” where the Holy Spirit is poised and ready to guide us in our evolutionary journey more than ever. We must just remember to expand, invoke, ask, let go, and trust.

Happy winter solstice, and to all my friends in the southern hemisphere, happy summer solstice!

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