Will Donald Trump All?
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  • Post published:04/06/2021
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So far, many astrologers and media pundits have been repeatedly wrong in judging Donald Trump and his US presidential campaign. Every time someone predicts that he will collapse, he only grows stronger. Like him or not, given his most recent success in the New Hampshire and South Carolina primaries, one has to now acknowledge that he is a “force to be reckoned with.”

Trump, DonaldI have often said that it is difficult for an astrologer to read Mr. Trump’s natal chart because he was born right before a lunar eclipse, within four hours ahead of the eclipse actually, so it is said that his natal Moon is “eclipsed,” which can cloud perception of his public image just as eclipses shadow the luminaries. Astrologers have argued that his chart is not powerful for success and rise in his political race, and some have made great points for such an argument, and I agree that there are some astrological indicators that could make one question it. 

SFPageYet, even though many great astrologers have maintained that Mr. Trump is not a serious candidate, I have continued to hold that he is serious and could possibly go far in his bid for the Republican presidential nomination, due to what I see as his empowered natal Moon, which is disposited by a very strong and auspicious Mars, and also due to many other factors including his powerful stationary mahadasa lord Jupiter (using 360-day year length), with Jupiter well placed in Leo navamsa near his main chart’s ascendant degree, and the fact that his secondary progressed Sun (also his chart lord) is conjoined the ascendant now and for some time to come.

I actually had wondered on an astrology forum the day that Mr. Trump announced his presidential run if he might have had an astrologer advising him, since the announcement chart set for June 16, 2015 seemed promising. For instance, the astrological “election” for his announcement was set for an hour after the New Moon, a good time for new beginnings. Interestingly, Jeb Bush, who just dropped out of the race on Feb. 20, 2016, announced his run the day before Mr. Trump announced his. Mr. Bush’s campaign announcement was made when the Moon was transiting in its weakest phase of the month on the day before New Moon. More than anything, I feel that Mr. Trump’s Moon in eclipse makes it difficult for astrologers to truly “see” and understand what he is about or understand the karmas of his natal chart especially as they tie into America’s collective karma.

SFPage3Because of this, I believe we astrologers have to read omens to get a true handle on Mr. Trump and his campaign. Omens are prophetic signs found in nature or astrology. They are often signs of synchronicity; for instance, Donald Trump’s last name in Bridge, Whist and other card games means “something that ranks above the others.” There are a few astrological omens that I find especially meaningful, but only time will tell if they truly are signposts pointing the way to a win.

The first astrological omen happened last summer, on August 4, 2015, at the time of a very rare conjunction of the three benefic planets — Jupiter, retrograde Venus and Mercury —with the fixed star Regulus, the Heart of the Lion in Leo constellation. Such a conjunction resonates far into the future, i.e., with implications that are long-lasting. Many astrologers had thought this conjunction might represent the birth or emergence of a spiritual or political leader. Regulus is the star of kings (leaders) and this conjunction was aligned near the Leo ascendant (lagna) of Mr. Trump’s natal chart, which happens to be the sign of the “larger than life optimist and entertainer”. The ascendant of course is the most important point of the natal chart representing the man himself.

SFPage2Mars is right there on Trump’s natal ascendant too, and it was similarly activated by this conjunction with the August 4 alignment. Mars is important as Trump’s yoga karaka, which rules both an angle (karma, power, and action) and a trine (dharma, purpose, and opportunity). When a yoga karaka is well placed by sign and house as this is, it can reveal grand success. Mars is very strong and fortunate and can here reflect a tremendous sense of initiative, drive, conviction, assertiveness (or aggression?), protectionism, team work, and vitality. It also reflects the fact that Donald Trump is playing by his own new set of new rules, which explains why some people champion him and others despise what he says and what he stands for.

Mars conjoined the ascendant in Leo can reflect impulsiveness, spontaneity, warmth, and bravado, as well as a tendency to make outrageous “off the cuff” statements. Mars here can also point to the negative reactions of Mr. Trump’s detractors who call him “racist, rude, arrogant and bombastic.” That same Mars continues to give him the lead in the polls. It has been said that Donald Trump taps into and mirrors a deep vein of collective anger. That would be, again, Mars. He is the social media candidate and like it or not, in the brave new world of reality television and social media, he seems to know better than anyone how to work the system to get himself and his message out there.

Another fascinating omen related to Trump’s campaign slogan also makes me wonder if he is advised by one of my fellow Vedic astrologers. The slogan is Make America Great Again. Apparently, this was also Ronald Reagan’s campaign slogan before Trump recycled it. Trump’s lagna (ascendant) and powerful Mars (which I mentioned above) fall in the nakshatra called Magha, the Mighty One, which lands in the first 13 degrees and 20 minutes of Leo the Lion constellation. Magha is symbolized by a palanquin or throne and stands for leaders. The acronym for Make America Great Again is MAGA, very similar to MAGhA nakshatra which thus dominates Mr. Trump’s natal chart and represents his capacity for leadership. This logo and the MAGA acronym depicted below are being used by a group of Trump supporters not officially connected to Trump’s campaign.

CXL8lQ9WkAAWUuuThe next astrological omen I find important is that Mr. Trump’s annual tithi pravesh, the yearly soli-lunar Vedic birthday horoscope for 2016-2017, which will fall right on the day of the summer solstice. His tithi pravesh is cast for 3:28:14 AM June 20, 2016). The tithi pravesh is the chart nearest the birthday when the Sun and Moon come into the same longitudinal angle they held at birth, which represents the tithi or synodic lunar day. Last year, Trump’s annual tithi pravesh fell in early June, but this year it will be occurring at the most potent moment of the year for the Sun in the Northern Hemisphere, when the Sun has climbed to its furthermost northern declination (kranti) north of the celestial equator on the first day of summer season in the Northern hemisphere. Mr. Trump’s annual tithi pravesh falls on a Sunday, which is the Sun’s Day, a day that also happens to be the auspicious Full Moon in sidereal Sagittarius falling in Mr. Trump’s natal 5th house of politics, luck (poorvapunya), and success.

tumblr_ln5cgnkKYv1qbkauvAstrology describes the summer solstice as the day when the Sun, symbol of light, power, and leadership, attains fruition. This is emblematic of the “Sun King” enthronement and coronation. Mr. Trump is ruled by the Sun. The solar standstill will occur ~15 hours after his exact annual tithi pravesh but on the same day at 6:34 PM EDT. This says to me that there is an exceptionally strong chance that Donald Trump will win the Republican nomination and the election as well. That said, one can never guarantee such predictions due to Shiva’s Curse on Astrologers, which when interpreted allegorically suggests that much of the future is not etched in stone but is constantly evolving.


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