Why You Need Tarot To Help Get Rid of Emotional Baggage
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  • Post published:12/10/2021
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Jamie Richardson specializes in tarot decks and readings. Find her @EmberandAura

Oh, the long-awaited arrival of spring. I wonder if this season realizes how much we all love it? Time to store those chunky sweaters, stash those snow boots, and reach for the self-tanner. I don’t know about you, but Spring dawns like a new day, and I always have the same epiphany: my house is a disaster. Hence, spring cleaning. Suddenly, nothing in my environment meets my standards of cleanliness—and I’m not even much of a perfectionist. As we all know, the changing of seasons creates a bit of upheaval in our psyche. It’s the perfect time to embrace change, take inventory of our lives (and our closets), and intentionally decide what no longer serves us. Then we decisively let go of the extra weight.

Understand the past, present, and future in one reading!

Here is where Tarot and the art of your personalized ritual can become instrumental in brushing off your emotional winter-weight and letting your svelte, unburdened aura shine through. Even (and especially) if you are new to Tarot, this reading is perfect, as Tarot smiles upon all new beginnings. Tarot continually reminds us that life is cyclical. Right when we think we have mastered a particular aspect, we find ourselves starting over.

Once you are finished soul searching and deciding who and what is holding you back, you are ready for the next step. Some tools to help ground you during this simple ritual are a candle (for illumination), some paper to record everything you are ready to release, and a cardboard box. Now that your desire is clear and you are prepared to enter a new season of your life, ask your most trusted Tarot deck for a crystal-clear reading. A full reading in Tarot illustrates many aspects of our lives at this moment, as well as our past and future, should we continue on our current path. It also points to our weakness and strengths, who is supporting us, skills to master, and fears we must face to progress. A full reading is in order during such a significant time of transition, when we truly desire a break from old patterns.

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Tarot acts as a mirror, providing a clear reflection of things to which we may have become blind. It is a trusted advisor, a way to break through the logic of the mind and listen to the intuition of the heart. Now that you have completed your reading take some time to ground its meaning into your heart and life. Journal your insights and any discoveries that may have arisen. Now, take your list of issues that you are ready to release and dispose of them. You may want to burn your list in a fireproof bowl and blow its ashes away, or tear it up and rinse it down the drain. Finally, to reinforce your decision to get rid of what no longer serves you, you can go through similar motions on the physical plane by editing your closet. Ask yourself what no longer fits, what is no longer of use, what doesn’t feel right. This is where the cardboard box comes in, the vehicle for hauling out the trappings of the old you.

Feel renewed the next time you step outside. You’ve done the hard work, taken an honest look at your life, and faced some hard truths. Now you can feel free to not take the call, delete the photos, visualize life with a different career, take baby steps towards audacious endeavors. The universe rewards these simple acts of self-love. Remember that you hold the keys to your freedom, but when in doubt, the truth is always in the cards. —Jamie Richardson

Jamie Richardson is a tarot reader, mom, and online boutique owner in Denver, CO, specializing in ethical fashion, vintage goods, and tarot decks and readings. Find her @EmberandAura. 

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