Weekly Horoscopes: September 21 – 28, 2020

Happy fall equinox! With a ton of energy shifting this week, get ready for a turbulent couple days. On Tuesday, the amount of daylight and darkness will be the same, as the equinox brings a balance between the light and the dark. Unsurprisingly, this is also the same day that the sun enters Libra, the sign all about balance and harmony (it’s symbolized by the Scales for a reason!).

After leaving behind grounded and practical Virgo, we feel a new energy of harmony, fairness, and friendliness in airy and polite Libra. We may find ourselves raging against the injustices of the world. Breezy air sign Libra is open-minded, so even our most strongly held beliefs are open for second-guessing. This also means that thoughts and energies may be flighty as well.

However, just after the sun (planet of ego and self) enters the sign of the Scales, Mercury (planet of communication) leaves the sign for mysterious and alluring Scorpio on Sunday, and we’re focused on diving deep and getting to the truth in all conversations.

How the Planets Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign This Week

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The sun is moving into your opposite sign, Aries. And thanks to the sun and Mercury in your partnership zone, your relationships are in the spotlight. Thanks to some mending aspects in the sky right now, communication between partners should come easily.

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Over the next four weeks, as the sun moves into Libra, you’ll feel much more indecisive than usual. More than that, Taurus, Venus is in your family sector—so you can expect a lot of attention to family relationships (especially those that need the attention!).

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The sun and Mercury are moving through your “fun” zone this week—so, it’s time to get out there and socialize. Over the week, you’ll feel extra spicy and romantic. Live it up Gemini, because once Mercury enters Scorpio on Sunday, the serious vibes are back.

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Your family might be top of mind, Cancer. Mercury enters Scorpio on Sunday, making it a great time to tell family at home how you really feel.

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The sun and Mercury are both in your communication zone. And thanks to the sun moving into Libra, your love life is about to get an extra boost. Use this week to charm anyone you want, Leo. They’ll fall for you, Libra!

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The sun leaves your sign and heads into Libra early in the week. Now, would be a good time to recharge. Get your finances in order Virgo, since the sun and Mercury are moving through your money zone. Over. The weekend, it’s best to keep focus on self-care.

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Welcome to your season! You’re about to feel energized to the max for the next couple weeks. This week, Venus is still in Leo—giving your romantic connections an extra boost. Over the weekend though, Mercury moves into Scorpio, which could bring a damper to your mood.

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The sun and Mercury are moving through a more private zone this week, Scorpio. You may clam up and avoid sharing feelings. But it’s best to make sure you’re being open with partners—especially once Mercury moves into your sign on Sunday!

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There’s a peaceful vibe about the air this week, Sagittarius. This is all thanks to the sun moving into lighthearted Libra. With the sun and Mercury in your friendship zone, it’s time to get out there, socialize, and help others. Your favorite!

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The sun enters Libra this week, bringing you the rest you need in order to hit the “refresh” button. The sun and Mercury are still in your career zone though, suggesting that you might need to force yourself to take a break from work—as you often do, Capricorn.

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There’s some potential for romance this week, Aquarius! The sun and Mercury in Libra and Venus in Leo in your partnership zone make it easy to fall in love or have a great time. Enjoy it until Sunday, when Mercury switches it up and moves into moody Scorpio.

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Don’t get lost in your daydreams this week, Pisces. It can be so easy to do once the sun moves into Libra. More than that, the sun and Mercury are in your partnership zone—making it even easier to fall in love.

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