Venus Retrograde: December 20, 2021 to January 30, 2022
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Venus, planet of love, diplomacy, and relationships; health and virility; values; luxuries; beauty; comfort and peace of mind; and material resources, will be retrograde from December 20, 2021 until January 30, 2022. This is a relatively rare event that happens about every 18 months.

Venus was at its brightest “evening star” apparition on December 7. It will continue as the evening star until it sets in the evening around January 3, after which it will be invisible until mid-January when it will re-emerge in its “morning star” apparition where it will remain until September 2022! During the period of its invisibility, shamanic astrologers consider that Venus (and what it represents in us and in the world) will be going through a death and rebirth process.

Venus transited into businesslike Capricorn on December 8, 2021, and will station retrograde at 2 degrees of Capricorn on December 20 at 5:36 AM EST, and will move back into Sagittarius on December 29, and will remain in Sagittarius until February 26! During its second transit in Sagittarius, it will station direct on January 30 at 3:46 AM EST (at 16 degrees Sagittarius).

Retrograde planets are often a confusing topic for astrologers. This is because they are making a contradictory movement. Though it appears they move backward from the point of view of the Earth (geocentric), they actually move forward from the view of the Sun (heliocentric). Thus, retrograde planets are said to represent some karmic matter that we need to learn, deal with, master, or overcome. In some cases, they signify a health issue.

Note that a retrograde planet is closer to the Earth and further from the Sun, which means that it’s bright, at least during part of its cycle when it’s not too close to the Sun. Therefore, it acts like a beacon that is trying to draw our attention to something it signifies. It is generally thought that a planet’s power increases when it is retrograde, but its results are delayed or become altered in an unusual fashion.

According to the Vedic astrology, a planet’s benefic tendencies are greater when retrograde. The greater the Cheshta Bala (motional strength), the greater the good of a planet. The Cheshta Bala is greatest during a planet’s retrograde motion (per Sri Parashara).

A different view is found in Saravali, a great 10th-century commentary by Kalyana Varma, in which retrograde planets are seen as powerful. However, they can be powerful for good or bad. Retrograde benefics confer kingship, and retrograde malefics cause misery and “aimless wandering.” Venus is a benefic, so it is not going to act in an evil manner just because it is retrograde. The results of Venus retrograde are more dependent on the aspects it makes, signs and houses it transits, and so on.

Venus will station retrograde in conjunction with Pluto, and in fact Venus is in this conjunction with Pluto from December 8 until the end of December, and then will be in it again from late February into early March. In some cases, depending on one’s situation and on the natal and mundane charts and what else is happening more specifically in terms of other transits and progressions, this can indicate some kind financial, health, or relationship upheaval.

It is also concerning related to the global disaster we have been facing since early 2020 when Saturn and Pluto conjoined around the same area of the zodiac at the time of Saturn’s ingress into sidereal Capricorn. This conjunction set the stage for Saturn’s three-year transit in Capricorn which extends from early 2020 until early 2023. Venus will activate this point several times, as mentioned, possibly triggering more societal and economic chaos.

On a more personal and upbeat note, Venus retrograde period is a time for us to reorient ourselves in regard to our health, creative pursuits, financial concerns, and family or relationship issues. Venus will spend most of its retrograde period in Purva Ashadha nakshatra, which gives the courage and power to confront and resolve problems, settle debts, and renew our energy, goals, and actions on all levels.

During Venus retrograde cycles, it is common for people from the past to resurface and try to reconnect with us, but often this is happening to help us complete and reconcile anything that was left unresolved from the past rather than starting over again. It is often said that a new relationship forged under Venus retrograde will not have a chance, though I feel this is not always true and will depend on multiple other factors seen in the natal and progressed charts of an individual, mundane, or business entity.

Retrograde transiting Venus, and especially the day of, and two days before and after its forward station (January 30), can sometimes be a good time to resolve financial, business and legal matters, like refinancing a loan, hiring a new agent, or finishing a legal matter. Retrograde Venus cycles are not considered a great time to buy luxury items like art, jewelry and cars, though used items like antiques might be considered a good purchase if their true value is not known.

Venus relates to value and self worth, so during its retrograde cycle, it can be helpful to review our values and check in to see how we are doing in fulfilling them. Are we living in alignment with our values? As Venus rules the heart chakra (anahata), in this period we can truly benefit from going within and healing our own hearts. If we feel unloved, dissatisfied, alienated or unacknowledged, the retrograde period of Venus will be a great time to work on these issues within ourselves.

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