Venus and Uranus Retrograde
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  • Post published:27/05/2021
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Hello friends! Venus will be making its retrograde station tomorrow, which may now feel a bit dis-equilibrating as our heart chakra energy begins to make the adjustment to a new flow, and any issues we have been facing in relationship or finances may feeling heavier or more uncertain than usual. Breathing deeply in and out of the heart chakra is a valuable practice at this time, to help us stay open to the blessings of divine love and compassion that are always here to help us.

Not only do we have the vulnerability of this current Venus shift, but Uranus in sidereal Pisces is also retrograding Sunday (July 26) at 6:39 AM EDT. It does this every year for five months, and will remain retrograde in this new cycle until Christmas Day when it will station forward again.

Uranus is the planet of eccentricity, innovation, rebellion, shocks, surprises and epiphanies. Uranus in its higher principle has to do with our subtle nature, nervous systems and capacity to tap into the divine mind, or as astrologer Steven Arroyo described it: “mental understanding on higher levels, levels of consciousness where dualities are united in the living truth.”

During the retrograde cycle of Uranus and especially for the week before and week after its retrograde or forward stations, we can be concerned with issues related to personal freedom and self-expression, and some will experience breakthroughs, amazing flashes of awareness and intuitive insight. Of course as always, where Uranus is placed in the natal chart and in its transit to the natal chart has the most to say about the effect of this stationary and retrograde cycle, and for this, one needs a personal reading.

It its more mundane and lower principle, Uranus can be a significator of breakdowns, strange occurrences, accidents and upsetting events. This is a concern now and in the coming week as Uranus will be stationing in a stressful square with Mars in sidereal Gemini, and this is a classic combination for tension, volatility, upheaval or accidents.

This Mars-stationary Uranus square is potentially erratic and can really shake us up with feelings of extreme restlessness, anxiety, insomnia or irritability. Be careful driving or using sharp instruments or machinery in the coming days. We are well advised to avoid risks, stay grounded, and support our nervous systems with exercise, meditation/conscious rest, Abhyanga-Ayurvedic self-massage, a well-balanced diet, supplements including minerals, Tulsi or Gotu Kola, healthful oils etc.

It is never my intention to be fear based but I feel it is helpful to know when there are potentially stormy astrological weather patterns so that we can be more cautious and mindful. The other side of this is that some will be pleasantly surprised in the coming days with the vast downloads of clear understanding being channeled through the divine mind.

Watching the play of consciousness in the world now can be ultra-entertaining as well, since Uranus is the bolt out of the blue who can really shock and awe in a good way too…so please enjoy the show and remember that you are the miracle, and every experience is part of this amazing mind-blowing divine plan called “life.”

Love and light,

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