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On the evening of January 30, 2020 at 8:44:09 PM in Geneva, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared a global emergency as the Novel Coronavirus outbreak continues to spread outside China. My feeling is that this will not be a great world plague that kills relatively large numbers of people (as compared to the worst pandemics in history), but it will be a massive global economic and societal disrupter. Here are the charts below (wheel chart, and North and South Indian Vedic), and these are based on the sidereal zodiac, not the tropical system in use by many western astrologers. I am using the exact coordinates for WHO headquarters here as well:

Using Horary astrology techniques, here are some thoughts about the announcement chart which can be read as a Decumbiture chart for the outbreak:

  1. It is considered a “radical horoscope,” meaning the chart (radix) describes the situation, as the ascendant is Leo which represents a public health matter since Leo is the sign of vitality and health.
  2. The ruler of Leo/the first house (showing health) is the Sun, placed in the sixth upachaya or growing house which is a very good placement for heath matters according to Vedic astrology. The Sun is widely conjoined Saturn and Mercury in terms of their also being in Capricorn in the sixth house, but is not making significant aspects to them (is not an effective conjunction).
  3. The ruler of the sixth house of the acute disease outbreak is Saturn, which rules respiratory illnesses like the novel coronavirus. It is spread through and replicates in mucous membranes, which are represented by Capricorn in astrology (the sign that Saturn, the Sun and Mercury occupy). Saturn is in Uttarashadha nakshatra which is associated with kapha dosha/respiratory illness. Saturn is at the zero+ degree of Capricorn where it is in mrita avastha, which is very weak, and this is a good thing…as the ruler of health (first house/Sun) is much stronger than the ruler of disease (sixth house/Saturn). It is a “good thing” in that it seems to predict a relative overall low fatality rate of this virus.
  4. However, Saturn in Uttarashadha and in the sixth house nakshatra points to the fact that travel and work/employment are being disrupted by the outbreak, and also that the virus is spread through travelers.
  5. Saturn is conjoined Pluto within a three-degree effective orb until the third week of February. This aspect has been in place on and off through the spring of 2019 and again in December; and has been in place through January and much of February, as well; and will again be in place in the fall of 2020, but for the whole year, this transit sets up collective fated events that are far beyond our individual control. Conditions are ripe for unethical types to capitalize on the mass hysteria and irrationality being generated around this situation.
  6. Neptune, which is the main significator of viruses and infectious outbreaks, is directly opposite the ascendant, another indication that this is a radical chart. In the 2019 winter solstice chart for the U.S. (one of the 2020 annual charts I use), Neptune is also opposite the ascendant (conjunct the descendant), which I had written about previously as indicating some “treachery and double dealing on the part of foreign powers…it warns a nation to be on guard against plots, schemes, and secret attacks…” Many conspiracy theorists believe that this coronavirus is part of a secret plot, and it is clearly a form of “attack” by a foreign entity (the virus itself, and all its initial carriers who have originated in China). Neptune here also suggests a Chinese government cover-up about the outbreak, and also points to a tremendous amount of confusion and misinformation coming from all angles.
  7. Venus is conjoined Neptune which again points to transmission through mucous membranes and by person-to-person contact in close proximity. Venus here also suggests that the disease originated in an animal species or contains animal DNA (Venus is the traditional significator of wild animals such as those sold for food at Chinese markets, like bats or pangolins).
  8. The good news is, there is no effective aspect between the rulers of the first and sixth houses (Saturn and the Sun), and the Sun has moved way past Saturn. Saturn is also not in an aspect with Mars, which means, “not so critical,” as in pandemics of the past; again, by this I mean it would not be as fatal, relatively speaking, as the worst pandemics in history. However, Saturn here represents tremendous fear and significant economic and societal disruption including oppressive restrictions on human rights and freedom that will occur in response to this.
  9. Mercury is the planet that rules the lungs, and is at the 29th degree of Capricorn, on the edge of change, and very weak, indicating
  10. Mercury is the planet that rules the lungs, and is at the 29th degree of Capricorn, on the edge of change, and very weak, indicating that this outbreak will mostly attack the weak and vulnerable, and that it is difficult to predict in terms of the outcome.
  11. The Moon is in the eighth house of “disasters” and “health scares” and is decreasing in light (indicating a very scary respiratory disease), but is in a viparita raja yoga (as the ruler of the twelfth house in the eighth), suggesting that the fatality rate of this virus will be relatively minor in the long run, akin to a bad flu season.
  12. Uranus the “Incurable” is not making any evil aspects to the rulers of the first and sixth houses, so this means we will come out of this relatively unscathed in terms of the number of fatalities, in comparison to the number of deaths in the worst pandemics in history.
  13. However, the Arabian Part of Sickness is in the twelfth house opposite the Sun in the sixth house, again signifying a significant global concern that will have an impact on travel, political matters, the economy, public health, education, healthcare institutions, and the workforce.

May we all be peaceful
May we all be healthy
May we all be safe
May we all awaken to the light of our true nature
May we all be free

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