The Sun’s Aries Ingress, April 13, 2016: Mesha Sankranti
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  • Post published:10/06/2021
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Today at 10:17:27 AM ET (14:17:27 Universal Coordinated Time), the Sun enters sidereal Aries, known as Aries Ingress or Mesha Sankranti or Sankramana, which is celebrated as the solar new year in the Vedic astrological tradition and in many of the rich and varied cultural traditions of India. The astrological chart for Mesha Sankranti is read with specific rules by mundane astrologers in forecasting the year ahead.

SFPageFor each of us, regardless of our heritage and background, this is an important day as the Sun represents the Self, our soul purpose, path and life force, and now as it rises in the constellation of Aries (where it will be for the next month), it is once again beginning its yearlong journey around the zodiac! The Sun is exalted in Aries, where it gives some of its best results, thus manifesting potentially as new initiatives, and more focus, drive, courage, strength, and clarity of thought.

imagesToday is a wonderful day for new prayers, intentions and affirmations if you feel so compelled. And then again, on Friday, April 15, we have the precious day of Ram Navami on the 9th day of Navaratri, which is celebrated as the birthday of Bhagwan Shri Rama (or Ram) who is deeply celebrated as the solar logos and the power of victory of good over evil. In this classic depiction below, Lord Ram is shown worshiping the Sun god Surya.

ram praying to suryaRam Navami (the 15th) is called an Abuj Muhurat day, which some Vedic astrologers (such as myself) feel is a great day (all day) for beginning any important new venture, as the entire day is very blessed and powerful not just because of its connection to a holy day or festival but because the ancient divine ones of the Vedic tradition chose these special days based on their alignment with important astrological and bioenergetic cycles.

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