The Fall Equinox
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September 22 brings a brand-new season our way, as well as chillier days and nights. The days will become shorter while we walk into the darker months of the year after the last harvest. 

What is the Fall Equinox? 

The fall equinox occurs when the sun sits on the equator in the Northern Hemisphere. This brings equal hours to day and night as the seasons change and autumn commences. The change also brings Libra season, which means that we will focus on relationships, harmony, justice, and balance for the next thirty days. 

What is Mabon? 

Mabon is a pagan holiday that celebrates the equinox. Ancient Celts honored the sun and earth because both are essential in giving us life and abundance. It’s a time when we give thanks and love to earth by relishing in its harvest and nature. 

Rituals for the Fall Equinox and Mabon: 

The harvest moon comes two days before the fall equinox this year, which is why it’s an ideal time to make an amazing dinner to celebrate the abundance of the luminations and the new season. Cook a big meal for yourself, your friends, and your family to welcome the new season. You can create amazing dishes such as stews, pies, and sweets using autumnal vegetables and fruits.

There are equal hours of day and night during the equinox. Therefore, it’s important to honor both the light (the sun) and the dark (the moon). Plan an activity like sunrise yoga to soak in the sun’s rays and to pay homage to its power. At dusk, meditate under the moon’s glow to absorb its restorative and healing energy. Doing this will help you align with the rhythms of the universe during the equinox.

Get reflective and think about your goals. Start a vision board to make sure that you stay on the path of implementing your desires throughout the season. Make a collage of expressions, words, and images that relate to attaining your wildest dreams. By looking at the vision board every day, you can bring these ideas to life. Seeing is believing, and that is what will happen when you use vision boards as a method to jumpstart your passions. 

At the beginning of every season, it’s important to do a cleansing and detoxing of your dwelling. This means that you will have to go through closets, drawers, and cupboards to get rid of items that are past their prime or that you no longer desire. If you can donate them, it’s ideal to do so instead of wasting them. You can burn lavender or copal in your home with the windows open to get rid of stale energy and to refresh the vibe inside for the upcoming season. 

Connect with nature by taking a hike outside. Try out a new path or trail on your journey. Breathe in the air and marvel at the beauty bestowed to us by Mother Earth. If possible, do some foraging (something that the ancient Celts did to celebrate Mabon) on your walk. Collect walnuts and apples to eat later. 

Set an intention for the new season. Write a letter of intention in which you ask the universe for all that you want to achieve and attain. Meditate on your hopes to gain clarity about what you want before writing the letter. When you are in the know about what you desire, write it clearly and concisely on paper, then hold it close to your heart as you breathe. You’ll be able to manifest your intentions if you breathe in the energy and want it on a heartfelt level. Keep it in a safe place throughout the season to ensure that it’s in reach for you to read. 

Create a Mabon altar by taking items like acorns, apple seeds, mini pumpkins, dried corn, leaves that are turning colors, and spices like cinnamon or cloves to ignite the seasonal energy. You can also light white candles to bring in the new season. Also, add photos of loved ones and give them a glass of water or wine to pay them respect. This will clear and revive the energy on your altar, as well as awakening the spirits, which will help you with yogi magic throughout the upcoming months. 

Seasonal shifts are wonderful times to hang with loved ones. Check in with friends and family during the equinox. Make sure that you are in the know about their lives (and vice versa). Give them a phone call, send an email, and make plans to connect with them. 

Become involved in your community by planning events for the upcoming season. A great idea would be to organize a safe Halloween for your neighborhood. After all, it’s a time when everyone (including the spirits) comes out. 

Invest your time in philanthropy. Commit to a humanitarian project that you feel aligned with. Giving back is essential in celebrating Mabon and the equinox, as we must pay it forward to show Mother Earth that we understand how interconnected we all are.

Written by Lisa Stardust

Image courtesy of Pixabay on Pexels

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