The Astrology of Bitcoin Series: Part Three
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Caution: The following material is for informational purposes only, and is not intended to provide, and should not be relied on for, financial advice. You should consult your own financial advisors before engaging.

This article was co-written by me and by Dr. Sisira Amarasinghe, my former student and a dear friend and colleague. Sisira is an Information Systems Engineering specialist with extensive academic and industrial experience in a range of domains covering Enterprise IT, Biomedical, Automotive, and Industrial Automation. He became interested in Vedic astrology a couple of decades ago and initially pursued his Vedic astrology studies with me prior to progressing into further studies. Sisira may be reached by email at: [email protected]

I’m so glad to have had the opportunity to write this article with Sisira. His encouragement, support, and assistance have proven invaluable, especially related to all the formatting and graphics he provided as well as his advice about Bitcoin along with the astrological research and analysis. I’m thrilled to say that Sisira will also join me in writing the final article in this series.

As discussed in my previous Bitcoin article, I believe that the correct astrological birth chart for Bitcoin should be based on the Satoshi White Paper released on October 31, 2008, which I have rectified to Van Nuys, CA (11:10 AM). The ascendant is Mula nakshatra in sidereal Sagittarius near the Galactic Center, where the commanding game-changer Pluto also rises. Jupiter rises after Pluto, also in Sagittarius in the first house, which reflects the essence of the hypothetical and theoretical nature of the White Paper. As explained before, all this in addition to other astrological and circumstantial evidence compels my choice of this horoscope.

The current article analyzes the horoscope further to corroborate my rectification. It’s structured in such a way that the reader will be able review and understand the Bitcoin origins and life story in parallel with the astrological interpretations and justifications. The Bitcoin-specific details are primarily a reiteration of what has been presented in the two previous articles of this series.

Keep in mind that the research presented here is primarily focused on Bitcoin but speaks more broadly to the cryptocurrency revolution which was born with the Bitcoin White Paper. Also, please note that the subsequent and final article of this series will delve into some of the most significant events in the life of Bitcoin correlated with astrological transits and progressions (dashas), and from these, we will attempt to further predict about Bitcoin’s future.

The parentage of Bitcoin remains a mystery, i.e., the parent “Satoshi” is anonymous and absent, having only operated behind the scenes and eventually abandoning the baby altogether.


The Sun is karaka (significator) of father and rules the ninth house of father, and occupies a weakened position in its debilitation sign of Libra where it is hidden by the shadow of Saturn’s aspect from the ninth house. The Moon is karaka for the mother and is also in a weakened “invisible” state in secretive Scorpio in the twelfth house of hidden matters. This explains exactly why Bitcoin’s parentage is anonymous.

Bitcoin has so far demonstrated a great deal of fortune and wealth, protection from adversity, and the capacity to beat competitors and prevail in the long-run.


In the proposed chart, the next planet to rise after Pluto is Jupiter at 22 degrees of sidereal Sagittarius in Purva Ashadha nakshatra. This asterism embodies the power of invigoration, and also transmits tremendous wealth potential. In Purva Ashadha nakshatra, Jupiter has the capacity to continually revive itself after facing numerous set-backs. Purva Ashadha also has a shadow side, which is its tendency toward uncontrolled expansion. This fits perfectly with some of the extreme highs and lows we have seen with Bitcoin.

Jupiter in its own sign in the first house is a phenomenally fortunate combination known as Shubha Yoga in Vedic astrology. Because it rules an angle (first and fourth houses) and a trine (first house), Jupiter’s placement here also produces a success-making Raja Yoga. A variation of a Gaja Kesari Yoga is also generated when Jupiter is in an angle from the ascendant (here it is in the same angle as the ascendant) and aspected by a benefic (a rashi drishti or sign aspect from Mercury). All of this clearly indicates how Bitcoin has survived so far against considerable animosity, still retaining a significant amount of its value while promising long-term prosperity.

Venus conjoins the Moon in the twelfth house, producing a variation of Vipreet Raja Yoga (VRY) which occurs when the lords of two dusthana (difficult) houses (Venus-lord of sixth, and Moon-lord of eighth) conjoin in a dusthana house. The primary characteristic of this yoga is an ability to transform adverse circumstances into one’s benefit; and it can bring sudden, unanticipated, and near-miraculous or miraculous recoveries and upturns throughout life.

Bitcoin will remain pre-eminent among cryptocurrencies as its adoption continues to grow extensively.Jupiter is its own dispositor (ruler) in a kendra/angle (first house), which constitutes an influential and highly promising Parvata Yoga (Mountain Combination). In the D-9 Navamsa chart, Jupiter is in the lucky pushkara navamsa in the sign of commerce and trade (Libra), and in the sixth house which points to a successful collective endeavor with some tremendous capacity to overcome opposition.


Government regulators around the world have begun addressing multiple concerns presented as Bitcoin and other digital currencies circumvent traditional financial institutions and laws. The disruptive technology underpinning Bitcoin and other cryptos has created a situation in which regulators, law enforcement officers, and legislators are quite challenged to keep up. However, it seems likely that governments will ultimately bow down to embrace Bitcoin and blockchain innovation as they facilitate promotion and adoption of the technology.
The Sun is a significator of the government in astrology, and as the ninth lord it also signifies laws and lawmakers. The Sun conjoins Mars, the fifth lord of government regulations including fiscal policies. The Sun and Mars form a helpful and fortune-making Trikona Raja Yoga (in which the fifth and ninth lords conjoin). The Sun as a significator of government being a little weak (debilitated) suggests that governments will ultimately bend to support Bitcoin, rather than the other way around.


Bitcoin started from nothing, emerging as if out of the ether, and continues to grow phenomenally. Bitcoin will progress slowly and gradually through a series of setbacks, but it will endure. It actually looks indefatigable in the long-run as it continues to transform traditional financial systems.



Saturn is the lord of the second house occupying the ninth house, thus forming dhana yoga, a combination for financial prosperity. This placement also points to the fact that over time, more and more institutional investors are adopting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. A “rags to riches” aspect is created as Saturn also squares Venus. Great fortune is further indicated by the harmonious sextile from Saturn to the auspicious trikona lords Mars and the Sun.

Being in the ninth house, Saturn symbolizes the restrictions and threat of restrictions placed on Bitcoin through government regulations, and further represents the power of Bitcoin to thrive because of and even in spite of these restrictions. In other words, as regulators go after fraud and market manipulation, they clean up the system and make Bitcoin ever more robust. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are part of a global revolution which will reshape the future. The Moon is in Anuradha nakshatra whose nature is wide-ranging, universal, novel, and scientific. Anuradha is associated with brilliant revolutionaries who rebel against outmoded systems. (The 27 Celestial Portals, p. 268, by Prash Trivedi) The Moon is vargottama, in the best position (in the same sign in D-1 and D-9 charts), and it’s in the third jaya (lucky) tithi of the waxing Moon, three days after New Moon, so it’s growing in light, suggesting that Bitcoin grows slowly but surely over time.

In the twelfth house, the Moon often symbolizes great hidden powers. Consider that the self-made billionaire-philanthropist Oprah Winfrey’s birth chart also has the Moon in Scorpio in the twelfth house! Here in the Bitcoin cart as well as in Ms. Winfrey’s, the Moon symbolizes a global humanitarian brand and impact.

The Moon is also powerful in conjunction with the red supergiant Antares, a fixed star in the heart of the Scorpion (in the middle of Scorpio constellation). Antares is one of fifteen Behenian Stars which were important in alchemy and medieval astrology in ancient Europe and the Arab world. Antares in particular is said to have magical applications. The Moon conjoined Antares reflects universality, technological advancement, success in business matters, and extensive influence and affluence. Yet, some of these positive assets are not always consistent when Antares conjoins the Moon, thus repeating the theme of Bitcoin’s unpredictable nature.


Bitcoin has long been described as “decentralized or digital gold” and as such it will be around a long time even though it probably won’t be the chosen blockchain for technological development.


The various classical works of Vedic astrology shastra have different opinions about what planets represent gold. Brihat Jataka says that Mars presides over gold. Satyajatakam says that Venus presides over the trade of gold, and also that the Sun and Jupiter rule gold. It’s interesting that in the Bitcoin chart and the chart’s panchanga (daily calendar), all these planets are prominent: Mars rules the nadika (half of a muhurta) and rules the tithi (third synodic lunar day/tritiya), and also rules the fifth house of good fortune and is conjunct the Sun in the house of gains; Jupiter rules the karana (half-tithi) as well as being lagnesha (ascendant ruler) in the first house; Venus rules the day (Friday) and exchanges signs with Mars; and the Sun which is a bhagya lord of good fortune also rules the “splendid” nitya yoga (Sun-Moon combination). The chart’s Kala Sarpa Yoga (see further on) serves to spin the chart’s gold into a more sublime digital version.

The chart reveals several combinations for a long lifespan (purnayas), which include: The ascendant (lagna) lord is exceedingly strong and rashi-aspected by a benefic from an angle. The fifth, eighth, and lagna lords are in their own navamsas, rashis, friendly signs, vargottama, or mutual reception. The lagna is in a dual (mutable) sign (Sagittarius) and its lord is in an angle, trine, and own sign. The eighth house is unoccupied, while the lagna is free from malefics, and Jupiter is in an angle. Saturn is in the ninth house while the Moon is in the twelfth house. Jupiter is in a quadrant from the lagna lord and no malefics are in angles. The tenth lord is exalted.


Bitcoin continually integrates and evolves through new designs.


Saturn is in a trine with Jupiter, meaning that a 120-degree aspect of harmony and success is formed between these two planets of karma and dharma/power and purpose. Vedic astrology describes this simply as Jupiter aspecting Saturn by a ninth aspect. Either way we describe it, this near-perfect trinal relationship explicates Bitcoin’s remarkable capacity to keep evolving.


Bitcoin is disruptive, visionary, and revolutionary, and it is very likely that it or another similar cryptocurrency will in time replace fiat currencies and central banks.
Saturn is in almost exact opposition to Uranus which reveals Bitcoin’s radical and revolutionary yet visionary projection into its domain of applications.


Bitcoin has so far undergone severe volatility of its value owing to a significant number of ups and downs of its status, facing numerous conflicts, unforeseen and unexpected animosity and betrayals, with “unpredictability” as the only predictable characteristic it possesses, other than its promise for reaching great heights in value.

Bitcoin originated with a mysterious or puzzling origin via an unknown originator, while some of the subsequent users adopted it for unlawful deeds such as tax avoidance or illegal activities. However, it is leading the entire mass of cryptocurrencies which evidently promise and vouch for an enormous disruptive technological revolution in both social and economic circles and their intersections globally. It is simply becoming a global currency across international borders.



The chart has a Kala Sarpa Yoga (Serpent of Time Combination) in which all the grahas of the Vedic chart (Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn) fall within one side of the lunar nodes Rahu and Ketu. It’s the most classic form of Kala Sarpa when the lunar nodes fall in the Cancer-Capricorn axis like this. These signs represent the status quo and security matters, which are definitely shaken up by the Serpent of Time formation. Here it is formed with Rahu in Capricorn and Ketu in Cancer. Even more remarkably, the lunar nodes occupy the 2/8 axis of finance, and all of this explains the wild ride of Bitcoin through all its outrageously nerve-wracking ups and downs and twists and turns.

A Kala Sarpa Yoga falling in a mundane chart often points to grand schemes and extraordinary events that shake up reality. Events or individuals associated with Kala Sarpa Yoga often convey a dramatic quality or embody a sensational theme, which is how we might describe Bitcoin and its true believers. Kala Sarpa Yoga often evokes conflicts, secrecies, and betrayals, all of which describe the essence and journey of Bitcoin thus far. It is so clear just how much Bitcoin is caught up in the “serpent of time” with its powerfully preordained destiny that involves changing the old paradigm of money.The Kala Sarpa Yoga in the money axis reflects all the constant and dramatic fluctuations in the value of Bitcoin. Just when you think it’s going to go to the Moon, it drops back down and dashes your hopes. Then, when you are ready to give up your coins, Bitcoin once again rises beyond all expectations. We can surely expect this volatility to continue. Knowing how this Kala Sarpa works, you can now perhaps better enjoy the ride!

Kala Sarpa Yoga often occurs in charts of people or situations concerned with privacy and secrecy; or those involved in subversive or clandestine activities; or just basically, those living outside the norm in any way. Here, the serpent tells the tale of Bitcoin’s connection to the mysterious Cypherpunks, the activists I discussed in my last article who over the past several decades have been supporting the widespread use of cryptography and privacy-enhancing technologies as a path to cultural transformation. The serpent further reveals Bitcoin’s enigmatic parentage as well as its earlier unscrupulous reputation when it was first used as the de facto currency of the Dark Web. In addition, criminals have relied on it for illegal purposes, and many have traded it without paying taxes on their gains.The Kala Sarpa is important too because it enhances the influence of the lunar nodes who are technological and socio-economic rabble rousers. They would have to be prominent like this in the money axis for the Bitcoin birth chart to be valid, since Bitcoin is one of the biggest disrupters we have ever experienced in history. Additionally, Bitcoin is in great part defined by the placement of the lunar nodes which are said to form the karmic axis. It’s a global currency that is being traded across borders, which is signified by Rahu in the second house. And, it seems to have simply manifested out of the ethers, which is indicated in part by Ketu in the eighth house.


Bitcoin has a remarkable ability to sustain and promote its prosperity and evolutionary progress over time.
The Part of Fortune, also called Pars Fortuna (or Punya Saham in Tajika Jyotish), occupies the Kala Sarpa axis in Capricorn in the second house in Uttara Shadha nakshatra, which foretells the eventual lasting success of Bitcoin. Saturn and Jupiter are the dharma-karma rulers of Uttara Shadha nakshatra (Saturn rules Capricorn and Jupiter rules Uttara Shadha nakshatra). This explains why Bitcoin is able to sustain and promote its prosperity and evolutionary progress over time in spite of its unpredictable ups and downs.


Bitcoin with its typical highs and lows promises its adopters and users significant gains that will always outweigh its losses.Mars and Venus form a Parivartana Yoga, a mutual reception in which Mars is in Venus’s sign of Libra, and Venus is in Mars’ sign of Scorpio, and this takes place between the house of gain (Mars in the eleventh house) and the house of loss (Venus in the twelfth house). Like the Kala Sarpa Yoga, this combination also represents extreme highs and lows for Bitcoin. The good news is that the gains eventually outweigh the losses because the eleventh house is stronger than the twelfth, according to Bhava Bala and Sarvashtakavarga.


Bitcoin promises to generate a rapid and complete transformation of the financial and banking world.
The navamsa chart is the ninth harmonic chart which shows what “grows on the fruit of the tree” of the main birth chart. In this chart, Taurus (banks and banking) rises prominently with Mars, Pluto, and Uranus, signifying the remarkable gift of the Bitcoin revolution.


Bitcoin has the ability to make significant contributions in all business, scientific, and technological domains, and to make all subsequent resulting applications successful while at the same time giving support to most of its ancillary, indirectly resultant derivatives such as altcoins (alternative coins comprising all the cryptocurrency alternatives to Bitcoin), smart contracts, smart applications, and so forth.The Midheaven (MC/Medium Coeli), also known as Madhya Lagna in Vedic astrology, represents the impact of the outside world; visibility, reputation, and credibility; what is accomplished; and the future. The Midheaven occupies Virgo in the tenth house in Hasta nakshatra. This sign and nakshatra represent business, science, and success. Hasta means “hand” and symbolizes the act of offering a helping hand to all of humanity, which Bitcoin has the potential to do. Hasta nakshatra is ruled by a Vedic Sun-god named Savitar, one of the Adityas who are the off-spring of the Vedic primeval mother goddess Aditi. Savitar, whose name means “vivifier,” infuses Bitcoin with vitality and promises it a very bright future.


As mentioned in the very first article of this series, Bitcoin is one of the greatest inventions of this century and is truly a masterpiece of work that has been beautifully crafted and architected within the paradigms of Computer Science, Technology, Economics, and Finance. While its formation, operation, and evolution are truly magical, many of us have now taken it for granted and are beginning to accept it as part of our lives.
Mercury is the ruler of the tenth house and the Midheaven, and occupies his powerful sign of exaltation in Virgo also, at the 29th degree conjunct the fixed star Spica in Chitra nakshatra, which is ruled by the celestial architect Tvasthar, also known as Vishwakarma. He is the “grand illusion maker creating delightful things, forms and objects, which make us want to live…He is said to be an adept in Maya, the illusory force which keeps alive the drama of life…His workings are done in secret and a shroud of mystery surrounds his character and persona. To understand his mysterious aspect better, we have to take our present day example: most of the human population on our planet are completely unaware of how normal soil containing silicon is fashioned into a computer, a device which has the ability to do all these magic-like functions” (The 27 Celestial Portals, pp 218-219, by Prash Trivedi).


In spite of all obstacles and setbacks, Bitcoin has continually demonstrated an executive presence and power in all its actions and dealings. It will continue to adapt and dictate corrections and modifications as needed, and as it has done so far by means of new derivatives like Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Cash, and so on. Bitcoin will thrive and mature beyond our wildest expectations.


Exalted Mercury in the 29th degree in the tenth house as lord of the tenth house precisely reflects such executive presence and power. This edgy end of the sign is often prominent when on the precipice of change and living in the promise of transformation. The 29th degree of any sign is a degree of mastery which suggests the great revolutionary gift that Bitcoin has for humanity. Mercury is conjunct the fixed star Arcturus which brings great financial profits through large-scale endeavors. The fixed star Spica also conjoins Mercury which reveals unbounded and unprecedented good fortune.


Subsequent Bitcoin-led altcoins in some ways could be considered as children of this extraordinary innovation. It does seem that at least a handful of them so far are as powerful as Bitcoin itself.
The fifth house rules progeny, such as in this case, the altcoins. The fifth house receives a planetary aspect from Jupiter, Mars, and the Sun, all three favorable trikona lords. Mars is also the ruler of the fifth house, and according to Vedic astrology when the ruler aspects its own house, as in this case, it boosts the ruler and the house. In this case, the progeny are elevated.

There are also rashi aspects to the fifth house from Saturn, Venus, and the Moon, further coloring the nature of the progeny. This would suggest very good possibilities for a variety of types of altcoins to be generated. Further, depending on the transits and progressions (dashas) at the time when the altcoins are created, some are winners and some are losers.

Interestingly, because the Sun is debilitated in conjunction with the ruler of the fifth house and in full oppositional aspect to the fifth house, Bitcoin’s creator has very little to do with Bitcoin’s progeny (altcoins); at least, we can say he does not directly have anything to do with them. However, Bitcoin itself does have a significant direct influence over its progeny due to the planetary aspect of Jupiter into the fifth house of the chart. Furthermore, the phenomenal gains and success potential of Bitcoin are transferred indirectly to the altcoins because the powerful and auspicious second house ruler Saturn is in a planetary aspect to the fifth house ruler, and in a rashi aspect to the fifth house itself. This gives a positive boost to the number and quality of altcoins being generated. Similar results from the rashi aspects of Venus and the Moon to the fifth house can be described.

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