Sun in Capricorn, Winter/Summer Solstice- Standing in Your Power Despite the Unrest, Magical Manifestations, Practicality In Action
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Sun in Capricorn, Winter/Summer Solstice- Standing in Your Power Despite the Unrest, Magical Manifestations, Practicality In Action

On December 21st, we have the Sun, which represents our ego, life force and vitality leaving the fiery sign of Sagittarius and entering into the earthy sign of Capricorn. Capricorn, the 10th zodiac sign represents karma, hard work, obligations, the patriarch, our career and social standing. 
On the same day, we have the Winter Solstice in the Northern hemisphere and the Summer Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere. Solstice energy represents the shortest day of sunlight( Winter) and longest day of sunlight( Summer). Every year this date is always a powerful day of manifestations, magic and renewal. You can literally feel the “buzz” of energy in the air. This is a great time to declare practices, rituals and mantras for the season ahead. Holding a sacred space of honor and respect for oneselves is also highly encouraged.
The Sun in Capricorn and Winter/Summer solstice is here to bring in divine energy of blessings and faith. Capricorn as a sign is someone whose word is “gold” and someone who will withstand any trial or tribulation to reach a goal. Just look at the mountain goat( one of Cap’s ruling animals) as an example. The mountain goat will go days without food or water just to reach the peak of the mountain. These folks have the energy of commitment and perseverance stamped into their being upon birth. As we enter this new sign, we will be asked to lay down solid foundations of accountability, responsibility and trust. Coming from a grounded, centered and practical perspective is always favored but even more so now. 
The Winter/Summer Solstice will add some further boosts to our sense of being able to hone our personal power and integrity. The veil is very thin on this day, so you might notice more activity from spirit. As we enter into this new season, may we remember the foundations of gratitude and compassion. I think I speak for everyone when I say that despite the crazy circumstances within the world, when we focus on the power of our heart and soul with compassion and gratitude for our journey, there is light to be seen and felt by all. If you forget this over these next 4 weeks, go back to that last line. The magic we seek is already within us and so is the ability to love and stand in acceptance of ourselves and one another. 
For the Sun’s entry into Capricorn and the Winter/Summer Solstice, I have written a special poem to express the collective gratitude for this next season. I started this with the Sun’s entry into Aries, and will continue every time the Sun moves into a new sign. I hope you all enjoy it and thanks for the lovely feedback so far on my poems. 
I wish everyone a beautiful and safe holiday season. I am so grateful for each and everyone of you! Happy birthday to all of my darling Capricorns!!
Sun in Capricorn, Winter/Summer Solstice Poem
May you enter this magical and mystical new season with faith and hope in yourself and the world
May you not listen to the outside noise of destruction and confusion but rather to the calling of love and possibility that ALWAYS exists within yourself
This new season is ready to shift viewpoints on acceptance, compassion and forgiveness
May we embrace this fragile human experience and release the need to be RIGHT and to JUDGE
Let us honor our own power rather than relying on an outside force to give it to us
May we do so with humility and responsibility
The world can know peace when we honor that you are me and I am you
Neither one is right or wrong but each soul holds perspectives of wisdom and value
If we are open enough to receive it
May you recognize that each of you are a walking miracle
You are worthy
You are loved
You matter
You are safe

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