September 6, 2017: Aquarius Full Moon “When All Things Ripen”
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  • Post published:25/06/2021
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The Moon is waxing fast, and here we are again seeking more light. The last full Moon of our summer season (northern hemisphere) will culminate in the sidereal sign of Aquarius on Wednesday, September 6, 2017 at 3:03 AM Eastern Time (Eastern Daylight Time). Known to Native Americans as the “Full Corn Moon” and also “The Moon When All Things Ripen,” this particular lunation represents the fullness of summertime.

Of all the full Moons in 2017, this one offers some of the most ample spiritual and healing blessings because in occurs in Aquarius, the Water Bearer who pours forth the “cosmic waters of life,” i.e. divine power, healing, and wisdom. The Aquarius Moon can give potential for a direct experience of Source Energy which brings soul sustenance and mind-body-spirit healing as well as restoring a sense of hope and faith no matter what one’s life circumstances.

The full Moon occurs in the fourth moksha pada of Pisces navamsa in Shatabisha nakshatra. This asterism is ruled by Varuna, Lord of the Cosmic Waters who carries the vessel of soma, an elixir which sustains all life processes throughout eternity. Among all 27 lunar mansions (nakshatras), Shatabisha is the main one for healing on all levels. It is connected to the sahasrara chakra, the thousand-petaled lotus at the crown of the head (seventh crown chakra) which is a portal to higher vibrations of Source Energy. The full Moon occurring in this alignment provides excellent conditions for easy opening of the crown chakra to receive vast downloads of these cosmic vibrations.

The full Moon is closely conjoined Neptune, which some sources believe to also be connected to Varuna. This is a combination that is imaginative, poetic, artistic, musical, euphoric, intuitive, spiritual, emotionally sensitive and otherworldly. However, when afflicted as it is by the opposition to Mars and being in the nodal axis, the Moon with Neptune can suggest a tendency for instability, paranoia, and mental suffering. This is also indicated because the Moon is in an exact 6/8 with Venus (sastha-astakam) also called a quincunx or inconjunct which is a 150-degree aspect between planets that represents some difficult energy that requires a serious adjustment.

The Moon signifies our feeling mind (manas), and Venus represents our virility/health, sense of comfort and peace, relationships, and also our ability to make choices for ourselves that create happiness and harmony. The 6/8 here indicates some potential health weakness (for some, depending on where the full Moon and transiting Venus fall in the natal chart), moodiness, emotional vulnerability, and some difficulty finding peace and comfort. On the mundane level, I have seen past major earthquakes and terror attacks occur in the days before or after a similar Moon-Venus quincunx.

The full Moon is always one of the most optimal times of the month for healing and meditation, but as mentioned, this one is extra-special. The Moon is strongest when waxing the day before it culminates, during what is called “purnima tithi,” which this month will extend from September 5 at 3:15 AM until September 6 at 3:03 AM Eastern Time. Anytime during this lunar day will be the best time to meditate and align with the healing lunar vibrations to help you feel lighter, connected to Spirit, and thus more at ease.

Here below I describe a simple way to work with the full Moon energy:

Face east. Sit quietly (outside under the full Moon preferably) and close your eyes. Soften them and gaze gently up toward your inner brow, and imagine you are a beautiful tree with roots reaching down and branches reaching up. Connect your roots as you feel them extending down from your sit bones into the ground beneath and deep on down into the center of the Earth. Take several deep breaths while running your energy up and down from your sit bones through your roots. Relax and let go into Mother Earth’s full, loving embrace. Now is a good time to make a sankalpa, an intention affirmation for the practice. A good one for the full Moon will usually include an expression of rejoicing and gratitude, such as: “I live in joy and appreciation for the goodness that fills my life.”

Now as you continue deep full body breaths, soften and begin to feel your whole being expanding and becoming lighter, freer and bigger. Gently bring your awareness to the branches and leaves of your tree and notice how majestically you rise up to meet the light flowing from the heavens above. After a few more deep body breaths, begin to draw your attention to the top of your tree at the crown of your head, and imagine it as a vortex of energy that is whirling clockwise. Continue to breathe deeply and feel yourself expanding out through your crown and this vortex in all directions.

When you are ready, envision the full Moon above your crown like a gigantic pearly orb overflowing with white and violet nectar which is being fed by the Water of Life streaming down from the Water Bearer. Notice that this Source of nectar is unlimited, and when you are aligned with it, you need ask for nothing else because everything is coming to you already. Continue to experience the nectar streaming down from this cosmic Source into the full Moon and then into your crown chakra.

Send the nectar down your spinal channel and out through all other channels into your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies until you are overflowing with it. Send it deep within your core and into the earth through your roots again, and then flowing back up from the core of the earth and out to our planet Earth and beyond into the whole cosmos, and back and forth, which is called “running your energy.” When you feel complete, just bask in the radiance and enjoy, and repeat your sankalpa again when you are ready.

Happy Full Moon. I wish you all happiness, prosperity, peace, love and light!

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