Scorpio-Sagittarius Gandanta: Call On Your Angels!
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  • Post published:31/05/2021
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Come, Holy Spirit ~ Fill My Heart!

d32a58d5fc4a65c4fa793c671f6c7ea7The Moon yesterday and today is transiting through sidereal Scorpio, its most vulnerable sign, but has passed by Saturn now, all of which might reflect some tests of stamina, courage and faith. Tonight and tomorrow morning, the Moon will cross the edge (cusp) between sidereal Scorpio and Sagittarius, known as the gandanta ~ a sensitive and knotty edge of transformation between water and fire signs, where violent events and intense emotions often occur. When the Moon (our feeling mind) is in the gandanta, we often have to let go of control in order for grace to intervene; and we have to dig deep to find understanding or comfort.

By mid-Saturday afternoon Eastern Time, the Moon will be well through the gandanta and into the much more jubilant and optimistic Sagittarius. Until then, with Moon in Scorpio and then as it is crossing the gandanta, we may feel things very deeply, which is not always so comfortable depending on our individual astrological and life circumstances.

A strong message has been coming through me, both yesterday and today, which is an old message but one we might tend to forget sometimes (I know I do): Call on your angels. They are all around just waiting to help, and often (and especially) they like to assist with the most mundane tasks. They are everywhere, these miraculous light-and love-filled beings. Just ask, open, receive, and don’t forget to thank them! You will be amazed.

Love and light !



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