Scorpio New Moon: December 11, 2015
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  • Post published:02/06/2021
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The waning crescent Balsamic Moon is once again upon us. This phase covers the darkening three-and-a half-days leading up to the New Moon, and belongs to the ancient goddess who takes us deep within ourselves for transformation and rejuvenation. Balsamic Moon is time for letting go, burning karma, and healing as we prepare for new beginnings at the culmination of New Moon which occurs on Friday, December 11 at 5:21 AM Eastern Daylight Time/EDT (10:21 AM UT).

As I am writing and posting this on Monday, December 7, the Moon is aligned with Venus in sidereal Libra, sign of relationships and politics. This is usually a sweet transit but not as much now because Libra is still hemmed in on both sides by malefic planets ~ Saturn in Scorpio and Rahu + Mars in Virgo ~ a pressured configuration called Papa Kartari Yoga in Vedic astrology, which can tend to bring up the negative power manifesting as disharmony all around.

The Moon will remain in Libra until early Wednesday morning EDT, when it will begin its transit through its fallen (debilitated/neecha) sign of Scorpio, which will last until Friday afternoon EDT. Moon is considered “fallen” or “debilitated” in Scorpio, where it can reflect deep-feeling or intensely attached emotional energy. It can be quite devoted and passionate in its higher principle, versus highly fixated and obsessive in its lower.

waning-moonThe December New Moon occurs at ~25 degrees sidereal Scorpio, Jyestha nakshatra, in conjunction with the Sun, and widely conjunct the karmic taskmaster Saturn. Not for the faint of heart, this combo draws out shadow themes revolving around violence and fear (the “T” word), defense and security, aggression, depression, death, sexuality, rebirth, finances, control, and personal power. When not in harmony, Scorpio can be dogmatic, fundamentalist, rigid, stubborn, or narrow-minded. With Scorpio’s emphasis here, some may have a tendency to feel stuck, tight, or heavy in body and mind. It may be helpful at this time to create more cheer, move our bodies, keep with a positive message, enjoy nature, and most importantly, cry, laugh and soften our hearts.

imagesThe external world is an unstable place, seemingly more so than ever lately, and thus, keeping ourselves at peace and in balance becomes the biggest challenge. Knowing and understanding something of the astral energies at play can actually be quite supportive during such times, not as a predictor of “bad” things happening, but more as a reminder of where to align our attention. For instance, the current waning Moon moving into Scorpio can assist us to stand in divine light, “fight the good fight,” go quietly within to examine what we fear the most, let go, and radiate compassion and peace.

The Balsamic and New Moon phases mirror the current waning phase of the Sun, occurring as we move toward the darkest day of the year on December 22 (Winter Solstice-N. Hemisphere). This is a natural time to slow down and be contemplative. Remember, the waning Moon is fast losing its light, and the Sun is also losing light. The Sun and Moon represent our higher brain and chakra centers as well as all psychological, metabolic, and physiological processes. So, their diminishing cycles can reflect in weariness and emotional vulnerability. Therefore, introspection, awareness, and repose are of utmost importance during this period.

In the New Moon chart, Uranus is transiting in sidereal Pisces opposite Mars, and both are forming a T-square with Pluto. Actually the T-square is falling in a very close range from ~ Dec. 5-13 or thereabouts, but resonating even further than that on either side as well. This is a stressful configuration, and especially because Mars will be in its debilitation navamsa of Cancer from Dec. 6-12, which can indicate hyper-emotional reactive states.

The Mars-Uranus-Pluto T-square can point to weather disasters; seismic eruptions; volatility; impulsive or reckless behavior; angry outbursts; technical, medical, surgical or mechanical disruptions; violence; accidents; upheaval, terrorism, or just in general, some shocks and surprises. Usually, such aspects in the lunation chart will have the most major impact for those whose natal chart planets and angle cusps are being closely affected, but also this is a collective karmic imprint.

A dear friend of mine, astrologer Dr. Karina Weil, beautifully described difficult transits like these: “They represent an opportunity for us to exercise mind control and focus on creating and projecting luminous, loving, peaceful thoughts, now more than ever.” Knowing there is a potential disturbance in the force, we can all “mind our minds” and make efforts to be extra patient, gentle, peaceful, and cautious…because ultimately, with our thoughts we make the world.


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