Scorpio Career Horoscope for May 2021
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  • Post published:10/05/2021
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Scorpio, after many months of going back and forth, you are stepping into a period of clarity. Your intuition is on fleek, you know what you are here to do, and you know exactly how to deliver these gifts to the world! Word for the wise: stay committed to your mission despite the fluctuations in your physical world. Stepping into your power is also going to be an important theme for you in the coming weeks. Trust that you will find a way to inspire those around you to connect with that eternal flame of passion within. PS: If you’re being guided to share the knowledge you have acquired over the years with others, the time to step into bigger shoes is now.

Power crystal: Known as the ‘Genius Stone’, purple fluorite can expand our awareness and help access all the right ideas at the right time.


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