Rare Sacred Astrological Alignment
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  • Post published:20/05/2021
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Hello sky watchers! The astrological bodies of our solar system comprise the planets, the lunar nodes and luminaries (Sun and Moon). They have been lining up in a unique hexagon-hexagram pattern on and off since around July 18 and this will continue for a few more days. Tomorrow, July 29, is the day when the Moon will conjoin its South Node (Ketu) in this formation, so it is a particularly strong day for the alignment as the Moon-Ketu conjunction can offer even deeper levels of awareness into the mysteries of the universe, which these formations may stimulate. According to some western astrologers, the formation is not complete until the Moon lines up as it will tomorrow.

This is quite a rare astrological formation. Many astrologers have been breaking it down to analyze it through astrological principles and theories, which is appropriate though confusing when we have two very different zodiacs in use among astrologers today. Tropical astrologers speak about the water-earth trines. The actual sidereal constellations being triggered are air-fire trines.

I tend to see this more simply and holistically as a symbol of intelligent cosmic design, a reflection of the sacred miracle of nature that is operating within and without our world at all times, perhaps a reminder to us that our universe is ultimately all in perfect order. Why do we have it happening now? Perhaps it is an omen or reflection for this particular period of time when a new burst of evolutionary awareness is coming in?

The grand sextile/six-sided hexagon is emblematic of perfect equilibrium. This design is found in bee hives as well as in the crystalline matrix of our own bodies. It represents the union of seemingly disparate parts, oneness behind diversity and the “harmonious growth and development of all living beings” (The Shamanic Way of the Bee: Ancient Wisdom and Healing Practices of the Bee Masters by Simon Buxton).

The hexagram “Star of David” signifies the balancing and unification of opposites in the tree of life, the integration of duality beyond our involutionary-evolutionary cycle. This formation with the hexagon in 3D is called a Star Tetrahedron or multidimensional Merkaba, a vehicle in which the light body is said to travel. Some authors are calling this formation a star gate through which a new galactic download will be given, the idea being that we are always evolving and in that, new information about who we are and our purpose as cosmic citizens here on earth may be revealed.

There area few more interesting astrological patterns within this mandala. For instance, the kite formations are modified grand trines that suggest creative and spiritual potential (as in, flying high with the utmost joy!) and the mystic rectangles can help us constructively move through certain challenging circumstances. All of these geometric forms combine to form a powerful cosmic pattern of perfect order. I recommend that we meditate on this as a yantra (focusing device) to strengthen the power of these sacred forms within ourselves and within the world matrix.


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