President Trump’s Inauguration Horoscope Part III
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In this, my third installment about President Donald J. Trump’s Inauguration horoscope, I examine the horoscope set for January 20, 2017 at 12:00:26 in Washington, DC, United States, the moment when he swore the final words of his oath of office, “So help me God.”

SFPage1The cardinal (chara) modality is the strongest based on the Ascendant, Sun, Moon, and Midheaven occupying cardinal signs. Having the cardinal signs in the all-powerful angles (kendras) increases their power: The rising sign is in sidereal Aries; Moon is in Libra; and the Sun and Midheaven (MC/bhava madhya) are in Capricorn. In Vedic astrology, this cardinal lineup is called Rajju Yoga, which indicates a lot of initiative, quick action, and change. Though the cardinal is the strongest mode, the fixed (sthira) and mutable (dual/dwishwabhava) modes are also strong enough to balance the cardinal rajas with stable (fixed) tamas and adaptable (dual) sattva.

When the seven grahas (not including the Lunar Nodes) fall in contiguous houses as in this chart from Jupiter to Mars, the combination forms an auspicious Akriti Ardha-Chandra Yoga which suggests strong leadership, honor, and courage. When the grahas (not including the Lunar Nodes) fall in seven houses, the yoga is called Vina (Vallaki) which is one of the Sankhya yogas for prosperity. It also usually points to the buildup of a strong military.

The Moon in the seventh house is in Durudhara Yoga hemmed in by Jupiter and Saturn in the sixth and eighth houses. This is a propitious combination that supports the Moon and the seventh house and indicates prosperity and charitable action by and for the people. On first glance, there is Sakata Yoga in which Jupiter and the Moon are in a 2/12 relationship with each other. This combination often brings extreme extreme ups and downs, but it is mostly cancelled (neutralized) because the Moon is in a kendra (seventh house).

As mentioned in my previous article, the Sun is strong in the 10th house on the Midheaven (Abhijit Muhurta) and also in Abhijit nakshatra. The tenth is the most important house in the chart for a nation (which this Inauguration chart represents). The tenth and eleventh houses both indicate the Congress. The tenth also tells something about foreign trade and the overall well-being of the nation. The Sun represents the leader and his administrative office as well as the political party in power; the nation’s image, status, and honor in the world; and the country’s influence in geopolitical world affairs.

The Sun and tenth house are hemmed by benefics Venus (eleventh house) and Mercury (ninth house) which is called Ubhayachari Yoga and Shubha Kartari Yoga, combinations that reveal strength and fortune to the tenth house and the Sun. The Pars Fortuna (Part of Fortune, or Punya Saham) is well placed in the tenth house with the Sun, in exact trine to Jupiter, reflecting further protection, success, and some grace shining down on the nation.

There are no retrograde planets in the Inauguration chart (not counting Lunar Nodes which are retrograde). This is a rare astrological event that happens only in about eight percent of astrological charts, and it does not always happen in every year. It is actually quite common in the charts of US presidents and represents tremendous persistence, focus, and optimism.

Western astrologer Stephanie “Wave” Forest has named this cycle “APDM” (All Planets Direct Motion) and says it is a time that offers “hope for the future…[and] cosmic assistance to any endeavor created to benefit, rather than to hinder, human life on earth…wherein the whole planet can be energized by cosmic fuel rather than fossil fuels.” This year’s cycle APDM runs from January 8 to February 6, 2017. It’s interesting that former President Bill Clinton’s second term Inauguration happened during an APDM cycle; his term was marked by an economic boom but also marred by great scandal.

SFPage2The Marc Jones chart pattern in President Trump’s Inauguration chart (sidereal wheel shown below) is a Bowl, which occurs when most of the planets are on one side of the horoscope, as in this case where they predominantly occupy the southern hemisphere above the horizon. This pattern reflects passion and dedication but also disunity and contention as mirrored in the half-empty, half-full design. The Bowl chart is often on a mission to fill the empty half, seeking to balance and strengthen what appears to be lacking, which in this case is the empty half below the horizon. This area in a mundane horoscope refers in part to infrastructure and the heartland. President Trump’s plan is to rebuild the forgotten and depressed areas of America and its aging and broken infrastructure.

SFPage2The Bowl chart pattern can represent an obsessive dynamic, and with all the energy above the horizon, it suggests a significant presence on the world stage but also a need to attend to the issues at home, as with President Trump’s platform of “America First.” I feel there will be some evolution in thinking and a realization that to achieve certain goals, cooperation and partnering with the global community will be necessary, as much as President Trump said he wants to erect a wall and close some of the doors to the rest of the world. The Bowl certainly reveals this great tension and a need to achieve some middle ground in the Yin-Yang.

Yin-Yang-symbol-taoismIt’s interesting that the leading planet of the Bowl is Jupiter, placed in the sixth sign (Virgo) and the sixth house which both relate to public health matters; repealing and replacing Obamacare happens to be the first item on the President’s agenda. Jupiter leading the Bowl also gives hope and optimism, philanthropy, and divine providence. Interestingly, President Trump is in his fortunate Jupiter Return now, and his Jupiter (dharma karaka) is conjunct Saturn (karma karaka) in the US birth chart in the tenth house of leadership, uniting Donald Trump’s purpose and path with action on behalf of the nation.

SFPage4The ruler of Aries Ascendant is Mars (Lagna lord or Lagnapati). This first house ruler of a mundane chart relates to public health; the nation as a whole; the disposition of the people; all government affairs; the executive cabinet; and national objectives. Clearly, we have some affliction here, and for many astrologers analyzing it, this is one of the most disconcerting astrological placements in this horoscope as Mars is placed at the zero degree of Pisces in Cancer navamsa where it is further weakened in debilitation. It is technically considered weak (not noticeable or readily expressed) and is also unfavorable (not fully supportive to the chart).

SFPageTrump, DonaldDonald Trump Inauguration newOne factor of the Mars weakness is rashi sandhi, in which Mars is on the edge between two signs at the zero degree, and this is based on the most commonly used Lahiri ayanamsha. However, there are many variations of ayanamsha used to calculate the positions of planets in the signs. In some of them, Mars is not rashi sandhi but further along into Pisces, well past the sandhi (edge).

Yet, with Lahiri ayanamsha, Mars is in an even sign at zero degrees, so it becomes Mrit(yu) Avastha, which scores “no strength” according to the calculation known as Baal Adhi (Baaladhi) Avastha, in which the last six degrees of an even sign are considered in extremis. I asked my friend, Vedic astrologer SueAnn McKean, about this and she described this Mrit Avastha Mars quite elegantly as being a planet of war that will not need to use a show of force, i.e., by showing strength instead of force, Mars will be at ease and stay “quiet,” as if in some repose.

A zero degree planet represents “new beginnings,” changing of the guard, with a pioneering dynamic. It’s in a brand new territory, like the Fool in the Tarot’s Major Arcana, which is a symbol of infinite possibilities, but there is a caution here too as in the need of the new administration and the people fighting against it to be careful to avoid missteps. For instance, promises will be (have been) made and will be broken by the new administration; and some of the opposition aimed at the new administration will be ineffective and weakening to the nation’s overall best interests.

Within Pisces, Mars lies in the fourth pada of Purvabhadrapada nakshatra, Cancer navamsa, and signifies a divisive theme related to two faces, as with “the persecutor and the persecuted” (Prash Trivedi, The 27 Celestial Portals, p 410). This brings to mind the Trump detractors who believe that he is out of touch and diabolical, versus the Trump supporters who look to the detractors as being delusional and pretentious. Such a play! Because Mars is Lagnapati, ruler of the chart, this theme predominates at the start of the Trump presidency; because President Trump has been seen by his detractors as such a polarizing figure, this theme will probably continue, at least among some segments of society.

Purvabhadrapada nakshatra is ruled by Aja Ekapad, a devil-like character, and also Lord Rudra, God of the Storm, and is associated with the front legs of a funeral cot which all can indicate, as I have seen elsewhere in the chart, a possibility of some difficult cathartic collective karma ahead within the next four years. Yet, Mars in this nakshatra almost undoubtedly signifies enormous economic and other kinds of gains in President Trump’s term of office. Ultimately, one should remain encouraged as the shakti of Purvabhadrapada is “the power to raise the evolutionary level,” though it often does this through tumultuous events.

Transiting Mars just entered the eighth house of President Trump’s natal chart around the inauguration, and will remain there until March 1 (“first forty days”). This is quite fitting as the warrior (Mars) comes to “drain the swamp” (eighth house/Pisces). The eighth house is an effective house for Mr. Trump, and Mars is his best planet (yoga karaka, planet of power and purpose), so this transit can indicate that a lot of change will be happening fast; and support will be coming to him quickly; his mind could be full of creative vision; he may be fighting for a new kind of health insurance for Americans; and he will continue to stir up a great deal of controversy.

Mars in the twelfth sign or house is said to give malevolent results when it is afflicted, which it is in the main Inauguration chart by a square from Saturn; it is further afflicted in the navamsa chart by its conjunction with Rahu. Mundane astrologers often surmise that this can indicate danger of a major world war. However, this is not so clear to me. I looked at the Inauguration charts of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) and Lyndon B. Johnson (LBJ), each of whom was inaugurated in the exact year that the US became significantly involved in major wars: the former being World War II (1941) and the latter, Vietnam in 1965.

LBJ InaugurationFDR InaugurationIn both cases, the seventh houses of the charts (indicating open enemies and wars) were hemmed by malefics in adjoining houses forming the very destructive and powerfully impacting Papakartari Yoga. In FDR’s Inauguration chart, Mars was in Scorpio in the eighth house and Rahu was in the sixth house. In LBJ’s, Mars was in the sixth house and Ketu in the eighth. This set-up is more compelling for war than Donald Trump’s Inauguration chart which has the lords of dharma and karma hemming the seventh house offering more strength and security.

Mars in the twelfth sign (and twelfth house of the rashi chart) can point to civil unrest that could require emergency measures; and it can indicate a buildup of the military. Mars here can point to increased crime; infectious diseases (public health crisis); and drastic changes to all kinds of policies and laws; enemy espionage and underground movements to subvert the government as well as difficult legal issues for the administration (fines, insubordinate government employees, penalties, judicial and other conflicts, or threats of impeachment – notice I said threats only... it is highly unlikely that President Trump will ever actually be impeached).

Mars is in the eleventh house of the bhava chart and twelfth house of the rashi chakra. In terms of houses, I read it as being in the eleventh because it is about fifty degrees back from the Ascendant (Lagna) which clearly places it further in the eleventh bhava. Mars here indicates some undesirable results such as disputes in Congress and in the ruling party; outspoken enemies; deceptive or disappointing allies; and unfavorable public approval ratings for the President, as we are already seeing.

Yet, Mars is the lord of the whole chart, the administration will develop well over time as the eleventh house is an upachaya house where planets (especially malefics like Mars) will grow to give better results as effort is applied. This could mean that there will eventually be great gains in industry; economic expansion; more bipartisan cooperation in congress; some international approval; fulfillment of many ambitious projects and plans; and enhanced foreign trade agreements.

Though I interpret Mars as in the eleventh house, Uranus is in fact in the twelfth house, a bit less than thirty degrees away from the ascendant. Uranus is in an auspicious and idealistic aspect opposite Jupiter, and this is in place from late 2016 through much of 2017 indicating major new plans and reforms. Uranus is also in a fortunate trine with Saturn (within a few degrees orb) which may suggest a grounded, sound, and methodical capacity for enacting positive reforms. Uranus opposite Jupiter in the 6/12 axis indicates that reorganization will occur in labor unions, military, prisons, health care, charitable institutions, and public assistance programs.

The upheaval already occurring between the new administration and national intelligence agencies is reflected by this Uranus placement. Underground subversive movements, violent riots, peaceful marches, and insubordination occurring at the beginning of President Trump’s new term and throughout the next four years are further related to a tension square from Pluto to Uranus (within a few degrees orb).

With the Pluto-Uranus aspect, zealots hostile to the government in power will do anything and everything to destabilize it. Secret enemies could cause tremendous harm to the nation and the people on a lot of levels. There will be much civil unrest. Uranus in the twelfth house has at times indicated strong damaging earthquakes and prison riots, as well as epidemics or attacks from foreign enemies. Immigration issues are seen from the ninth house of the chart, and this aspect of Pluto in the ninth (immigrants) in tension square with Uranus in the twelfth (foreign matters and exiled persons) points to sweeping controversial immigration reforms.

Saturn is another wild card in this chart as he is strong at the end of a sign in the 29th degree of Scorpio but weak in the eighth house of the chart. I looked at Saturn’s house placements using more than 30 different ayanamshas, which are the calculations used to determine the sidereal zodiac signs. With twenty-three of them, including the most commonly used Lahiri version, Saturn is indeed in the eighth house; but with nineteen others, Saturn moves to the ninth house. So I am reading both house placements for Saturn. I am doing this also because in the Chalit Bhava (Unequal House chart), also known as Sripati Bhava chart, Saturn actually does move into the ninth house. Saturn is not bhava sandhi, but I feel he does give some effects of both the eighth and ninth houses and this is also because he is fast moving out of Scorpio.

Some will say it is good to “lock up” the natural malefics like Mars and Saturn in the “prisons” of the dusthana/trik houses (six, eight and twelve). But in this case, Saturn is a very key planet as lord of the tenth house. We would prefer that he is in a more auspicious sign, degree, and house than this because Saturn is important as the tenth house ruler, known as Karmesha in Vedic astrology. The tenth house and the Karmesha in a mundane chart represent the leaders of the country (rulers of state, as with President Trump); the party in power; all government; foreign trade; a nation’s status and honor in the world; business and influence in world affairs; politics and politicians; national goals; and most importantly, national integrity.

The Karmesha’s placement in the eighth house can indicate that the leader has low approval ratings and is looked down upon by many, such as in the eyes of his vehement critics including a few million around the world who marched in the anti-Trump demonstrations the day after his Inauguration. Throughout his term, he will probably have to continually fight the press and his many enemies in Washington and elsewhere over accusations of unethical behavior and attempts to delegitimize him.

The tenth lord in the eighth house also signifies that the new leadership will work hard to transform the country, and may be involved in exposing various clandestine cover-ups such as the President did recently in a speech to the CIA when he subtly alluded to upending the secret shadow government (“fifth column”). Saturn in the eighth can mean that the President will have to employ emergency measures at some time during his term to enact social change or protect the health and well-being of the nation. As did JFK, whose Inauguration chart also has the Karmesha in the eighth house, President Trump may have to face a serious, perhaps even nuclear, international crisis or crises.

The Karmesha in the eighth house can sometimes indicate a very serious pandemic or other kind of crisis (like a terror event) on US soil in the next four years. It can mean that many prominent people will die in the next four years, and the death rate of people in general could escalate. Saturn here is often said to indicate that the people will suffer perils of war, epidemics, or drought.

However, the Karmesha being in the eighth house will only indicate the death of the ruler and overthrow of the administration IF the Sun is afflicted by Saturn, which it is not. JFK of course was assassinated in office. In his Inauguration chart in 1961, the Karmesha is in the eighth house BUT the Sun is also aspected by Mars, and the Sun is in a Papa Kartari Yoga hemmed by Saturn and Ketu, and the Sun is also aspected by Mars in the D9 chart. It seems safe to say that the Karmesha in the eighth house of Donald Trump’s Inauguration chart reflects the many threats made to his life by all kinds of characters.

John F. Kennedy InaugurationThe aspect from Saturn to the Sun in President Trump’s Inauguration chart is not a true aspect when we are using exact orbs (in sphuta drishti, which gains only 15 of 60 points); but the aspect from Jupiter to the Sun has 49 of 60 points which is pretty strong and protective. Saturn in the eighth can mean that the President’s Cabinet will go through several reappointments, and that there may be some conflicts to work out among the President, his Cabinet, and Congress.

Saturn in the eighth house of a mundane chart may point to tax reform and revision of social security and public assistance policies and benefits.Trade policies and agreements may also undergo revision. Saturn does not fare well in the D10 dasamsha chart or the D3 drekkana, so I cannot spin it: the lord of karma does not promise an easy path for the President or the country, because the karmic burden of the nation as a whole is in need of purifying and rebalancing.

Donald Trump Inauguration newnewnewYet with the lack of affliction to Saturn per aspects in the main chart, and the fact that it is sandhi and moves to the ninth house using various ayanamshas and in the Sripati Bhava chart, many such negative factors can be mitigated and the administration can serve to elevate society in ways that align with certain important traditional values. Concerns will rise in matters of ethics and justice and those related to religious ideologies and higher education. The fact that Saturn is quickly changing from Scorpio to Sagittarius (on January 26, 2017) but will come back into this gandanta water-fire edge later in 2017 represents some crisis and rebirth ahead for the nation and government.

Saturn and Mars are in a close tension square, representing that the President’s new administration begins under enormous burden, conflict and acrimony, further indicated by Saturn’s conjunction with President Trump’s natal Moon in Scorpio. Clearly, the President will be making many concessions and compromises as evidenced by the Saturn and Mars square. It is not uncommon for leaders to take office when Saturn is making strong contacts to the natal chart as in his case with the natal Moon (sade-sati), since Saturn represents being under pressure and working hard.

Additionally, this signifies the aggressive powers directed at the President, his family, his administration, as well as his multitude of supporters. Yet, the higher expression of Mars square Saturn can be seen in the administration’s perseverance and hard work in spite of enmity; and formidable drive and determination regardless of massive resistance. Challenges can be met with firmness, discipline, and focus.

Finally, and most importantly, the tenth house and lord in a mundane chart represent national integrity, as in a sense of unity, which is not at all healthy right now. The country is severely divided in terms of politics, values, and ideologies, and this current state of divisiveness and turmoil could feasibly point to the eruption of some cataclysmic mass karmic event(s) in the next four years as indicated by Mars and Saturn in this chart.

The 29-degree of Saturn in Scorpio here and for much of 2017 tells me that though there is a spiritual battle taking place on the inner realms between the dark and the light, we can overcome it and will recover from any setbacks if we each do our part. I believe the 29-degree Saturn could mean that we will have to face an external enemy or enemies, and that afterward, our national integrity can recover well. I also have faith in such a recovery based on the fortunate Shubha Kartari Yoga in which benefics Moon and Mercury hem Saturn from either side (from the seventh and ninth houses).

Rahu is in the fifth house in a 6/8 inconjunct the Sun which is said to indicate the potential for political plots against the ruler (fifth house is eighth from the tenth) but this can also reflect some potential for danger to the public through chemical or biological attack as Rahu is in a few severe inconjunct aspects with Mars, Uranus, the Sun, and MC/midheaven. The greatest danger to the citizenry might be in places of entertainment, sports and recreation, and schools.

Jupiter is in the bright Chitra nakshatra in the sixth house in a trine to the tenth house, protecting all aforementioned tenth house matters and the Sun. Interestingly, Jupiter at the time of Inauguration was also transiting in a close trine to President Trump’s natal Sun in Taurus, further protecting him and his family and administration as well as the government, promising a relatively smooth transition of power. When Jupiter is in the sixth house of a mundane chart, it is said that there will be improvement for the working classes and expansion of the armed forces.

However, because Jupiter is afflicted by a strong aspect from Mars, the expenditures for the military may be heavy or excessive, and the people may suffer some health, safety, or healthcare setbacks (a recurring theme of this chart). The twelfth lord in the sixth can also reflect that President Trump will always be accused by his enemies of inappropriate behavior.

Jupiter in mundane astrology represents finances, banks, commerce and national revenue; prosperity and peace; religion and ideologies; the judiciary; politics; hospitals; the morals and traditions of the President and his administration; education; foreign relations; and huge expenditures. Having Jupiter afflicted in the sixth house of enmity, struggle, and conflict means that all these areas can be under duress.

The sixth house rules the armed forces; police and law enforcement; wars; common people; disease and health care; food supplies; labor and employment, so with Jupiter afflicted here, these are possible areas of concern, but they can also be improved in time as the sixth house is also upachaya, a growing house. Also, Jupiter as twelfth lord in the sixth, exchanging signs with Mercury, lord of the sixth, is in a doubly lucky and success-filled Vimala Viparita Raja Yoga which can indicate that good things come in time after difficulties, and losses can be regained and even turned into profits.

The strongest planet in a mundane chart is of importance as it will impress itself strongly upon the nation and the people. Venus is the strongest planet per various factors including shadbala and placement in a friend’s sign in the eleventh house (Aquarius/Saturn traditional ruler). Venus is also the day lord which makes it quite significant.

Venus is considered more unfavorable than favorable in this chart for various reasons, such as being disposited by Saturn in a dusthana and ruling two maraka houses (known as death inflicting or health disturbing). Venus is in a three-quarter strength tension square with Saturn (peace in short supply); is widely conjoined the Moon’s South Node Ketu and opposite Rahu (some drama related to women, education, and women’s concerns); and is at the midpoint of Mars and Neptune (possibly some danger of misdirected passion or some illusion or confusion among the people).

Venus is in Purvabhadrapada nakshatra (20 degrees Aquarius to 3 deg. 20 min. Pisces), moving toward a fiery conjunction with Mars, which is also in this nakshatra. Purvabhadrapada which is connected to fierce activities, stormy conditions, deception, hypocrisy, secret societies, the darker side of life, sexual harassment and abuse, and conspiracy theories. Venus here as the strongest planet suggests some purifying energy and the significance of a powerful movement of protest by “women” against the “Patriarch” of society.

Venus in mundane astrology rules women as well as the harmony among people in general. When it is afflicted as in this case, especially being in the eleventh house of organizations and fellowships, it represents civil action and disruption as we saw in the days around the Inauguration, including on January 21 when about 1% of Americans marched against President Trump. One can have no doubt that most of the protesters were coming from a very good place of wanting to demonstrate for positive change, and this is clearly part of the Purvabhadrapada-style purification and empowerment process that they as individuals and as a large group need to go through.

The anti-Trump protest on January 21 was even advertised as a “Women’s March” which is a reflection of the passionate and fiery Venus-Mars energy here in Purvabhadrapada nakshatra (Venus = Women and Mars = March). Much “righteous anger” was expressed among several participants including celebrities Ashley Judd and Madonna, and this anger is quite characteristic of the nakshatra which counts a sword among its various symbols. On the other hand, which we have to consider since Purvabhadrapada is symbolized by a man with two faces (as in two sides to every story), some reports such as one written by Asra Nomani  of the New York Times suggest that there was outside interference in the January 21 demonstrations and that the event was mostly funded and supported by a secret New World Order group involved in ongoing strategic and divisive identity politics.

All such controversies aside, I will predict that with Venus and Mars in Purvabhadrapada, a major theme for the next four years will be related to conspiracies, sexual misconduct, hidden agendas, plots, and secret enemies, and this is especially so as Lagnapati Mars brings this energy through. Further, though I cannot predict if there will be a great war involving America in the next four years, chances are that if there were, it would be won by America based on Venus here in the eleventh, which is yet another upachaya “growing” house where planets over time give improvements. I say this also as Venus in times of war is a planet of victory and does well for that in the eleventh house of “gains.”

Venus as the karaka of prosperity, currencies, and revenues, and also as the second money lord in the eleventh money house, forms a dhana yoga, good for the economy; Venus as seventh lord in the eleventh house can be fortunate for foreign trade and alliances, but because of the aforesaid afflictions, there are serious difficulties and complications ahead which have to be worked out, as to be expected.

The Arudha Lagna (AL) falls in the eleventh house in Aquarius, sign of humanity, and the Moon falls in the ninth from the AL. The Moon thus becomes the great protector of this chart. The Moon is in the ninth tithi (synodic lunar day) which is ruled by the Vedic goddess of transformation named Durga. This means to me that the people, each one of us, operating individually and collectively, are the most important ingredient for peace and prosperity in the coming four years, which is a message I have heard many times from the Dalai Lama.

With our thoughts and actions, we make the world. It is important to do our own individual and familial healing work and withdraw our negative and divisive projections in order to make a better world. It may be more constructive to protest for what we want more of (like peace) rather than what we are against (whatever or whoever that may be). Either way, the warrior goddess Durga gives this Inauguration chart some real “power to the people”!

It’s interesting that the Moon in Aquarius in the US chart opposes Mars and the Ascendant in Leo in President Trump’s chart. This is another point of conflict between some of the citizens of America (signified by the Moon, the people, especially women) who believe that Donald Trump is too aggressive, impulsive, and simply an anathema. I find it fascinating that the Moon’s South Node Ketu, a shadow graha, is transiting near the Moon in the US chart now and will be eclipsed by Ketu in the next solar eclipse on February 26, 2017, which can instigate outrage and confusion and cause projections of disillusionment, anger, and fear…in other words, it brings up shadows. Where are they projected? Onto the country’s new figurehead, of course, as the Moon is opposed to his Ascendant-Mars! What else is impacted? The media, as the Moon in the US chart falls in the third house of communication and media.

SFPage9President Trump also takes up the projections of the US Moon from all directions and projects it back out through his message. His chart will be directly impacted by the August 2017 Rahu solar eclipse to his Ascendant-Mars, a rare total eclipse that will cover the United States and which I believe points to a huge rebirth for America. The solar eclipse in the US chart in February will start the rebirthing process by bringing significant domestic changes.

The Moon in the seventh house opposing the Ascendant of the Inauguration chart also shows that the attention of the public and the government will be very much concerned with our relationship with other nations. With the Moon in harmonious trine to Venus, President Trump and his administration may adjust any alleged hard-line thinking and take another tack beyond isolationism toward forging important global alliances. Because the Moon trines Venus and Venus is in an upachaya growing house, I am hopeful that women and people in general can continue to find ways to empower themselves, and that many of their concerns will be heard and alleviated in the coming years.

Mercury in the ninth house according to Raphael’s Mundane Astrology “denotes activity in commercial and legal affairs, and legislation affecting these matters; it denotes activity in publishing, scientific and inventive circles. If afflicted [as it is by Rahu’s trine], disputes over trade and commerce, important legal cases, libel, forgery and the like, and much recrimination in the press.” Mercury is the ruler of the third house and sixth house which represent the administration’s ongoing conflict with the press (third is communication and sixth is conflict).

Mercury is widely conjunct Pluto and as mentioned, trine Rahu, which may refer to President Trump’s apparent concern for good “ratings” in the media alongside his tendency to deliver shocking statements at nearly every turn. Mercury could be said to be afflicted here by Rahu’s aspect, which along with the wide conjunction of Pluto represents the tumultuous relationship and death-rebirth process that the new administration will undergo with the press and mainstream media during the next four years. These aspects also speak to the extensive immigration and border reform promised by President Trump as Mercury rules the third house of neighbors and borders, occupying the ninth house of immigration, in an aspect with Rahu which is the planet of immigrants, thus placing these heated immigration and border issues at the forefront of policy change and new development in the next four years.

Pluto in the ninth house in a wide-orb square with Uranus can represent important changes in our intelligence agencies; modification of international treaties; a shifting focus related to various global conflicts; and of course the reshaping of the federal judiciary through many new appointments. Pluto here can also adversely affect the shipping, insurance, transportation, and airline industries. Mercury and Pluto in the ninth house point to the possibility of exciting new scientific discoveries and inventions and possibly some progress in matters related to education.

I hope my analysis offers some upliftment and hope. This is my intention. I wish you, my reader, love, ease, peace, and well-being in this time of great change. Thank you.

Asato Ma Sat Gamaya…Tamaso Ma Jyotir Gamaya…Mrityor Ma Amritam Gamaya

From unreal, lead me to real…From darkness, lead me to light…From death, lead me to immortality.

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