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You’re operating from that saviour complex again. You’re romanticising the idea of putting the needs of another before your own. But, there’s no magic formula, Pisces. You can’t heal or fix another person. So, readjust your gaze as you begin to consciously invest in yourself. Coming into alignment with your truth is the only way to restore balance in your relationships. When it comes to your professional pursuits, you’re being asked to get real with yourself. What are the things that are and aren’t working for you? What are the parts of your narrative that you would like to take into the future with you? Revisit your vision board and make adjustments wherever necessary. Setting a strong intention for what you want to create will prove to be the first step on your journey towards greatness,

Power crystal: Amazonite will help you tap into your warrior spirit and make that metaphorical journey from fear to faith.

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