Pisces Career Horoscope for July 2021
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  • Post published:10/07/2021
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It’s all about ideas and inspiration in the Pisces HQ. You’re in the mood to honour your creative urges and allow your spontaneous side to take the reins. There is no other way to make magic, is there? But, it’s not just the artistic crew that’s having a ball this month. The writers, the social workers, the journalists, the activists and the social media experts are thriving too, doing their bit to balance the scales of justice. Given your idealistic ways, you will expect those around you to offer their support or meet your half-way. But, not everybody is on the same page as you. So, let go of your expectations, remember what you are here to do, and be the light no matter what your circumstances.

Power crystal: Work with the celestite to open up to your own magical abilities and access the angelic realms.


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