New Moon December 13, 2012 (Posted December 10, 2012)
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We are moving into the Kali (Darkening) Moon, also known as the Balsamic Moon phase, about three and a half days before the Super New Moon which will occur on Thursday this coming week, December 13 at 3:42 AM. The New Moon will be a “Super” Moon because it will be at perigee, closest to the Earth than is customary. The Super Moon cycle is associated with intensified emotions as well as tides, storm and seismic activity.

On the New Moon day, the Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury and the North Node Rahu will all be located in the sidereal constellation of Scorpio. The chart cast for the New Moon has an additional emphasis on Scorpio, in that the majority of the grahas are in fixed and water constellations, signifying the fixed water signature of Scorpio.The Balsamic Moon is a time for resting and healing. The Scorpio alignment is about connecting with the deepest, darkest mysteries of life. Scorpio is also emblematic of the battle between light and dark within us, which is further experienced as turmoil out in the world.

In the New Moon chart, the Sun and Moon are in one of the most challenging sections of the zodiac known as the nakshatra gandanta, the last pada (3 degrees and 20 minutes) of Scorpio, which signifies a karmic knot that must be confronted and resolved. This may signify  emotional and physical turmoil and intensity affecting many people in the coming weeks, as well as potential for some difficult events in the world, and some extreme turning points.

On a personal level, the astral energies at play now can assist us to go deeply and quietly within, to examine what we fear the most, let go, and cultivate more joy, love, forgiveness and peace. This pending alignment also fits with a similar theme of the current waning cycle of the Sun. As we move toward the darkest day of the year on December 21 (Winter Solstice-N. Hemisphere), it is natural to turn within and be more reflective.

The main caution here is about the fixed energy of the New Moon chart. Oriented toward achievement, the fixed constellations are associated with ambition, will power, purpose, depth and determination. Perhaps we can accomplish a great deal, but at what price? The conflict arises if we push too hard and forget to rest and listen to our higher guidance. Remember, the waning Moon is fast losing its light, and this can make us more tired or emotionally sensitive and vulnerable than usual.

When not flowing harmoniously, the Scorpio fixed signature can be dogmatic, fundamentalist, rigid, stubborn, and narrow-minded. With this emphasis, we can have a tendency to feel stuck, tight and heavy unless we consciously stay flexible in body and mind. It helps to focus on spirit, move our bodies, keep with a positive message, enjoy nature, and most importantly, soften our hearts and laugh a lot.

There is one more big event this week that I wanted to mention. Uranus, the planet in astrology that symbolizes insight, revolution, technology, higher mind, inspiration and innovation, is stationing and moving direct on December 14, after having been retrograde since July. When Uranus is retrograde, the world may seem less stable than is typical. As it goes direct, there may be somewhat less uncertainty associated with it, though on an individual level, such matters would depend on how it affects each particular natal chart.Uranus is transiting in sidereal Pisces and thus in a benefic trine to the Scorpio New Moon. Here it can reveal intuitive flashes of insight, mystical awakenings, shocking secrets being revealed, shifting stalemates, and remarkable scientific discoveries…overall, some forward movement or even a change in direction in all matters Uranian (possibly including civil unrest in the Middle East).Love and light!

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