Mercury Retrograde in Gemini- My Mind Is Playing Tricks On Me, Duplicity + Miscommunication, Round and Round We Go… Who Knows Where
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On May 29th, Mercury, the planet of communication, contracts and travel, turns retrograde at 24 degrees of Gemini until June 22nd. Retrogrades are always a time for anything with the prefix of “re”: reflection, re-thinking, re-organization, re-directing, re-focus and re-alignment. Gemini, the 3rd zodiac sign, is known to be intellectual, chatty, curious, playful and dexterous. 
This is an extra “special” Mercury retrograde as the planet of the mind is in his home sign. When planets are in their home sign, they are super comfy and bring out the sign’s qualities both from its most positive aspects to its most challenging. Whenever I see Mercury turning retrograde in signs he has difficulty being in (Sagittarius or Pisces) or his home signs as mentioned( Gemini and Virgo) his energy is heightened and very prominent. Get ready for funky mental trickery!! This will be a particularly challenging aspect for those folks with planets/points in the mutable signs( Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces). That being said, everyone will experience his mental mind f**** so be aware and vigilant. 
Mercury retrograde in Gemini is here to bring in all kinds of mental mayhem, business challenges and travel issues. Expect people, situations and projects from the past to return with a vengeance. Communication breakdowns whether it be computer issues, lost emails/mail or just misunderstandings are sure to be the norm over the next 3 weeks. As mentioned, the best plan of action during this time is to go back over old projects, plans and correspondences and revamp, re-do, reflect, revise and re-direct. 
I would highly advise you to not make major purchases ( especially electronics/cars) during this time if you can avoid it. I would also HIGHLY recommend backing up all of your devices, changing your passwords and keeping a close eye on how you are communicating to yourself and others. There are sure to be lots of delays to existing plans and projects so extra patience and deep breathing is also recommended.  
Retrograde Mercury in Gemini will be making a tense 90 degree square aspect to Neptune, the planet of trickery, illusion and subconscious patterns, who is also in her home sign of Pisces. Two planets squaring one another in their own home signs will again be a double dose of trickery and confusion. Retrograde Mercury in Gemini is a battle with Neptune in Pisces will bring in all kinds of fantasy like communication, misdirection and in extreme cases deceit, trickery and con artistry. It is extremely important that you stay as aware and grounded as possible. The “snake oil salesman” will be looming around every corner with this aspect. Again, backing up devices, paying close attention to the activity within your bank accounts and keeping water away from your electronic devices is advised. This aspect will produce a very imaginative and dreamy like quality so if you want to use it constructively, this is a great time to journal, write a book or compose a song. Just be extra careful of how and what you are saying as the lines of communication are sure to be quite blurry and foggy. 
Mercury retrograde in Gemini is here to bring all kinds of communication + mental fireworks along with our mind being on a constant loop of stimulation. Since Gemini is such a mental sign, we literally could feel like our brain won’t be able to shut off. Even writing this article has been an unusual challenge for me( hope it’s still ok). 
Since miscommunications and technology breakdowns are sure to be a thang over the next few weeks, it is advised to be extra mindful of what you are saying and thinking. Forming a meditation practice or any other heart centered activity that will ground and soothe your energies is highly recommended. Deep breathing along with not overreacting when and if things go amuck will also be helpful. Re- strategizing and re- organizing will be highly favored, so if you want to rock your mental acumen, do so with those two words in mind.
Mercury retrograde in his home sign of the twins is here to bring all kinds of funky and challenging mental adventures into our lives, bring out everyone’s inner poet and challenge us to remain calm and centered despite the duplicity + complexity of our brain on overdrive. 

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