Mars Ingress into Sidereal Leo
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  • Post published:10/05/2021
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Been feeling at loose ends? Emotionally frustrated or vulnerable? Lacking some manner of focus or energy? If so, then it may be time to celebrate because Mars is leaving sidereal Cancer and entering Leo today at 12:36 PM EDT. Since Sept. 9, Mars has been transiting through Cancer, its least favorite placement in the zodiac, its sign of debilitation (fall), where… is represents a “disturbance in the force.” Mars is much better placed in Leo, indicating a time when we personally and collectively can act more dharmically, i.e, with the courage of our heartfelt convictions. Mars will remain in Leo for an unusually long transit (until the summer solstice in June). As “Bhumi Karaka,” indicator of the Earth, Mars rules over all things that come from the Earth, and thus is called “Mangala,” which means “Auspicious.” His strong and extended transit through Leo may have a positive impact on commercial enterprises, esp. those related to commodities like gold and copper.

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