Lunar Eclipse in Gemini- Massive Changes Within the Mind, Communication Arises Outta the Blue, The Answers You Need Are Coming
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On November 29th/30th, we have the massive and fated Lunar Eclipse at 8 degrees of Gemini. Lunar Eclipses are Full Moons on steroids and herald destined change and reversals connected to: manifestations, endings and completions. Gemini, the 3rd zodiac sign, deals with: the mind, communication, curiosity, malleability, flexibility and understanding. 
Get ready cause changes are in the air and they could appear out of the blue! The next 6-12 months will be colored by this Eclipse and they will usher in a new dawn of information and revelations. Wherever Gemini falls in your chart(especially potent if it’s your: Sun, Moon, Ascendant or ruler of your axis points(1st, 4th, 7th, 10th houses) are where these massive and unavoidable events, situations and occurrences will take place. Surprise! Eclipses always bring in curve balls and unknown possibilities. Just when you thought 2020 had revealed all of its cray ways, think again, you are in for a big surprise!
The Lunar Eclipse in Gemini is here to bring massive communication downloads. A secret could be revealed to you at this time. Gemini energy is all about: learning, seeking and using our mental capacities. The Lunar Eclipse in Gemini will reveal information that once was muddled or unclear. These confessions could literally come to greet you with little to no warning. Expect the unexpected. Eclipses always usher in a fresh energy connected to change in our destiny and plans. Since the Lunar Eclipse’s ruling planet, Mercury, will be at the last degree of Scorpio at the time of the Full Moon, some of these communications will be quite intense and will usher in a mental and spiritual awakening. There will be an element of surprise and shock with whatever comes to light on and around this powerful Lunar Eclipse. Downloads from spirit will reveal an answer to a piece of the puzzle that has been plaguing you for quite some time. 
The Lunar Eclipse in Gemini will be connected to the North Node(Rahu) also in the sign of Gemini. The North Node in astrology represents: our destiny, point of fulfillment, and a source of unknown potential. The Lunar Eclipse pairing up with the North Node in Gemini will add an element of fate and fortune to these major revelations and surprises. Something that is communicated or shared with you around this time will change your mind and perspective, perhaps forever. Just when you thought you had figured someone or something out, a major surprise connected to where you are heading is shown. 
Although the North Node is a point of “the great unknown” there will be a push by the universe that we cannot ignore. A spark of curiosity will be present and once we see/feel/sense this opening up of the mind, we cannot un- see/feel/sense it. Along with the North Node being a point of mystery and intrigue, certain ideas communicated at this time could feel like we are a fish outta water. The shock of a lifetime could manifest with this Lunar Eclipse. Again, and just when you exhausted every idea and thought, a new and foreign idea or plan comes to greet you. Eclipses always leave us on the edge of our seats, cause they reveal information from the other realms. Major downloads from spirit are to be expected although their intention and outcome might not reveal itself right away.
The Lunar Eclipse in Gemini is here to reveal a major curveball connected to how we think and communicate. A sudden shift and revelation from someone close to us could spark a major emotional reaction and awakening. We are being asked to remain flexible and malleable at this time. Many delays of our plans and sense of understanding will cease with this powerful Lunar Eclipse. The information or clues that you have waited all year for, could magically appear before you. This Lunar Eclipse will be about endings connected to a mental pattern that we have held onto for too long. Big mental changes are in store and this Lunar Eclipse is asking for you to hold  sacred space for yourself and others. We are being called to exhibit childlike wonder and an open minded stance of welcoming in these new changes and plans. 
The Lunar Eclipse in Gemini wants you to play with these new plans and keep yourself open to their magic and light. La Luna in the sign of the twins is here to: usher in major changes connected to our communication style, reveal a secret that has been repressed for quite some time and to remind us the power of flexibility and the power of the mind to create our ultimate destiny. 
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