Libra Career Horoscope for May 2021
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  • Post published:10/05/2021
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May 2021 sees you tapping into your inner humanitarian. A question you’re likely to ask yourself in the coming weeks is, “How can I serve better?” Remember to find a balance between what you offer yourself and what you offer the world. This is the only way to give from a space of fullness in a sustained manner. Another thing you want to keep in mind is your personal limitations. It’s not always possible to put your superhero cape on and show up at the scene of crime. Understand the importance of building a solid team, where each member is accountable for a certain set of tasks.

Power crystal: Chrysocolla is a teaching stone that will help you share your knowledge *and* empower those around you. This turquoise-blue crystal is also known to banish the anxiety and depression that comes from seclusion, making it easier for us to stay indoors.


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