January 11, 2013 New Moon
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The New Moon chart occurs on January 11, 2013 at 2:44 PM ET in the USA  and is set for the capital at Washington DC. The chart has Taurus rising, the sign in mundane astrology that relates to trade and business, food production, the automobile industry, banks, loans, investments and the earning capacity of a nation. Therefore, these things come into focus as part of the combined karma of the nation. The rising sign also occurs in Mrigashira nakshatra which has to do with auspicious beginnings and new experiences, quite fitting for what we would like to collectively invoke with the first new moon of 2013.

This new moon occurs in the expansive sidereal constellation of Sagittarius, a sign of enthusiasm, wisdom, faith and intuition. Per Vedic astrology, the Sun and Moon are vargottama, in the best position per their placement in the same sign in the harmonic 9th (navamsha). They occupy the nakshatra known as Uttara Ashadha in the most auspicious Pushkara navamsha. According to astrologer Vic DiCara in his brilliant new nakshatra book 27 Stars, 27 Gods, Uttara Ashadha empowers human beings to give ‘110%’ to their tasks, drawing all available power and pouring it into each of their endeavors.” Now, how’s that for a kick in the pants! This lunation, no matter how challenging, also brings forth some really positive energy.

The lunation occurs in a stellium (a gathering of several planets and luminaries) in the eighth house, and can be analyzed according to one of my old favorites, Raphael’s Mundane Astrology:

  • The eighth house has special reference to death, mortality, and all matters to do therewith. It also governs the Privy Council [which in the USA today might relate to the executive branch of the government]. The Lunation falling in this house is important, depending upon the houses ruled by the luminaries and the planetary aspects thereto. When evilly aspected, it denotes deaths in high circles and amongst notable people, especially females. [In this chart, there are some ‘evil’ aspects including Saturn’s aspect to the 8th house from the 6th, as well as a 6/8 inconjunct with the ascendant and the dispositor of the 8th house stellium Jupiter].
  • The Sun in the eighth house denotes deaths among important people…royalty, nobility, and the upper ten [the latter refers to higher classes and leaders].
  • The Moon in the eighth house shows much mortality among common people, especially women, and, if much afflicted, panics, resulting in many deaths.
  • Mercury in the eighth house, afflicted, denotes deaths in literary and publishing circles, and among children and young people. It shows activity and changes in the Privy Council.
  • Venus in the eighth house denotes gains to the Exchequer through death duties, but if afflicted, will cause many deaths among females, artistic and musical people, and notable ladies of the land. Care should be taken to observe the house ruled over by Venus [in this case Venus rules the first and sixth houses which have to do with overall well-being of the nation as well as debt and employment, health and safety matters]. 
  • I would add that Pluto here just further intensifies the activities of this stellium and also refers to some heavy-duty transformative event or events which may or may not involve actual “death.”
  • Both the third decante of Sagittarius and the third decante of Taurus (where the USA lunation ascendant and the actual lunation occur) are associated with “pestilence,” per Raphael’s Mundane Astrology, and of course now there are concerns about a flu epidemic.

There are a few more interesting combinations in the new moon chart:

  • Jupiter, the dispositor of the Sagittarius stellium, is exchanging places with Venus. That is, Venus is in Jupiter’s sign of Sagittarius, and Jupiter is in Venus- ruled Taurus. In Western astrology, this is known as mutual reception, and in Vedic astrology it is Parivartana Yoga. This combination is unusual in that both the involved planets are also rulers of dusthana houses (houses 3, 6, 8 or 12, i.e., Jupiter rules the eighth and Venus, the sixth) so that then, this becomes a combination for potential misery (Dainya Yoga). When the two planets involved in a mutual reception are both rulers of dusthana houses, this can also become a variation of a Vipreet Raja Yoga (VRY). In this case, Jupiter rules the eighth house, and Venus rules the sixth. The VRY is said to “destroy difficulties,” though in this case, Mercury, the Sun, and Moon are also considered to be somewhat harmed, and this can indicate some scary challenges ahead for our national health, or matters related to national security, health care and overall economic conditions.
  • There is a Yod or Finger of Fate configuration in this chart that is also important as it involves the first house—the most important house of the chart that represents a microcosm of the whole chart—and the eighth house, which is the most challenging house of the chart that deals with potentially devastating energies. A Yod is formed when two planets are in a sextile (60-degree) aspect while both are also in a 6/8 (inconjunct or quincunx) to a third planet or astronomical point, forming a large “Y” across the chart. In this case, the all-important Sun and Moon conjunction is in a sextile with Rahu, the Moon’s North Node and one of the astrological hands of destiny. Note that Rahu happens to be located in the sixth house of illness, conflict, work and enmity. Both the luminaries (Sun and Moon) and Rahu are in a 6/8 with the ascendant of the chart, the most important power point of all. This can indicate an unforeseen turn of destiny and the collapse of non-productive and ineffective systems and attitudes that block necessary growth.

Sagittarius is the sign that symbolizes the solar side of the second Svadisthana Chakra, the second sacral spinal energy center that has to do with our creativity and well-being. The New Moon in Sagittarius triggers this chakra in all of us at this time. This is the power center where we gain and lose our vitality. This chakra transmits our physical well-being and sense of deservedness. Here is also where we know our limits and establish good boundaries. A great affirmation to support us through this new moon cycle and in the coming weeks is, “I love my body and trust its wisdom while flowing ever-freely with the tides of grace.” Blessings all!

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