Have a Case of the January Blues? This Strategy from Gala Darling Can Help!

I always have goals on top of goals. My apartment, phone, and Filofax are all full of lists detailing my big creative dreams. As a card-carrying Virgo backed by the relentless fire and optimism of my Sagittarius moon and rising, I am in a perpetual state of thinking big… And then making the necessary arrangements.

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New Year’s Resolutions have never really been for me, because as much as I love the vibe of a fresh restart, my goals are endless. They don’t start and end depending on the year. But a couple of weeks ago, I stumbled upon a podcast that made me rethink all that.

My friend Susana Frioni recorded an episode talking about how she had made 2017 the year of pleasure… And the year of having a life outside of work. When I heard her say this, it was as if an orchestra started playing right behind my heart. It inspired me so much that I recorded my own podcast about it, and immediately jumped into the pursuit of pleasure and having a life!

In the week that followed, I essentially took a vacation. My best friend from Portland stayed with me and we made music videos on my phone, went to karaoke and sang our hearts out, had dinner with groups of people we love, got dressed up every day, and laughed until we couldn’t breathe. I got big pink watercolor roses tattooed on the tops of my hands. I meditated in a salt cave. I listened to Oprah interviewing RuPaul and squealed with delight. I ate dessert late at night and got Nutella on the end of my nose.

I gave pleasure permission to rule my life and it took me to some really delicious places. And it’s only been a week!

I’m so excited to keep this up for the rest of the year. I know that if I do, by this time in 2019, I will be an entirely different person.

Questions for you: what would happen if you handed pleasure the reins? What would be different if you pledged to have a life outside of work? How would you structure your day, and what people and activities would you pursue?

If you’re willing, I’d love you to join me for a year of pleasure. Let’s see what trouble we can get into!

Want 2018 to be the best year ever? Start prepping now with your 2018 horoscope!

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