Happy (Vedic) Lunar New Year!
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In the Vedic tradition of astrology, there are many different calendars and systems of reckoning time (kaala chakra). One of the most commonly used methods to determine the New Year is based on the astro-chart for the New Moon in Pisces, which occurs this year on April 10, 2013 at 5:35:17 AM, Washington, DC. This new year is called Vijaya Samvatsara (Year of Victory), repeating a 60-year cycle from the last Vijaya year in 1953. Vijaya is considered a favorable year on the whole.

So how does this new lunar year look through my astrological lens? The very short answer is that it appears overall to be a year of many challenges as well as triumphs. As reflected in the USA Vedic New Year chart in particular, it could be a somewhat remarkable year especially for the global economy.

Questions about world affairs and events come under the branch of astrology known as “Mundane Astrology” or “Mundane Horoscopy,” which analyzes collective karma shared in common via groups of people. As in all branches of astrology, and perhaps even more so with Mundane Horoscopy, professional astrologers are bound by a code of standards and ethics not to make extreme fear-inducing statements about pending turmoil or disaster. Not only is it considered ethically irresponsible to make such pronouncements, it is also not realistic.

What I mean by “not realistic” is that the future is not yet fully determined. What is coming depends to some extent on our thoughts and actions now, and also, let’s face it—the unfolding of karma remains an inexplicable mystery to a great extent. Besides, a lot of what transpires in the future depends on how we choose to interpret events. The ethical standards and guidelines of ACVA (American College of Vedic Astrology) are very clear on these matters: “Astrological variables can manifest in differing events of similar meaning… [and]… astrology cannot predict with absolute certainty the outcome of future astronomical events.”

At the same time, astrologers can certainly project cycles and trends, and in 2013 there are a few significant ones worth mentioning. Here are some highlights of the lunar new year chart set for Washington, DC:

  1. Neptune is not traditionally used in Vedic astrology, but as a Neo-Vedic astrologer I use it according to specific rules. For instance, Neptune becomes very significant when it occupies an angle of the chart, which it is here. In the first house, Neptune is said to “turn things upside down.” If afflicted, there are any number of potentially horrific indications I could discuss. However, Neptune in Aquarius is not badly afflicted, as it is disposited by its traditional ruler, Saturn, which is in the harmonious 9th house in a trine to Neptune and the first house from its exalted sign. I like to think this is an indication of advancing spirituality, cooperation and brotherly love in our societal consciousness. However, Saturn is transiting in a conjunction with the Moon’s North Node Rahu for the next year or so, and this can reflect some economic inflation; political instability; subversive/secret movements; socialistic enterprise; problems with the aviation industry; and perhaps some added focus on the war on drugs, crime, and ongoing fraud and deceptions by the FDA/Monsanto/Big Pharma, the oil and gas industry and our government in general.
  2. Sidereal Aquarius Rising in the USA chart further reflects a focus on socialistic political movements and revolutions; humanitarianism; spirituality; scientific and technological breakthroughs; and corporate reorganization.
  3. The large stellium in the 2nd house brings a focus on the economy. The Moon, Sun, Mercury, Mars, Uranus and Venus in the 2nd house in Pisces are inconjunct Saturn and Rahu (6/8 aspect) and indicate fluctuations in financial markets; loss through fraud; and possibly some kind of bank failure. There could also be a financial panic, possibly around the three upcoming eclipses in April-May and again around the eclipses next fall (October 18 lunar eclipse and November 3, solar eclipse), though this is difficult to say exactly when and if this will even occur as financial markets are not my specialty, and I have noticed, even for financial astrologers difficult to predict. I am hoping the sextile of the Pisces planets to Jupiter in Taurus/4th house will avert any such calamity. It does look like large military expenditures will be necessary. Uranus in particular reflects unexpected gains and losses; general uneasiness; a possible crash/correction of the stock market; and on the whole, the unpredictable nature of the economy this year. The second house also relates to food supplies so there seems to be some important focus here as well. Pisces as the 12th sign (the last, indicating endings) in the 2nd house signifies some karmic closure related to economic trends of the past. I assume this can also relate to the huge changes ahead in mandated health care insurance and also the big revisions that will be ongoing for our tax codes.
  4. South Node Ketu in the 3rd house could point to potential for strong earthquakes as well as a transportation disaster and a significant change in the travel industry.
  5. Jupiter in the 4th house can be promising for real estate investing, but because it is 6/8 with Saturn this may not be 100% true (for example, the real estate market has been struggling with reduced sale inventory, rising prices, and a lengthy and complicated financing process for non-cash buyers). This 6/8 also indicates potential for earthquakes. This inharmonious aspect between the two weightiest planets of dharma (Jupiter) and karma (Saturn) will end on May 31, when Jupiter transits out of Taurus into Gemini and trines Saturn.
  6. Saturn and Rahu in the 9th house/8th from the Pisces stellium point to a strong possibility that this will be yet another year of transformation; some ongoing economic uncertainty; possibly a military showdown; some kind of disease epidemic; as well as troubles with flooding, ships and the shipping industry, the Navy, and aviation industry. Probably we will hear of the retirement or death of a notable high-ranking official or officials in the US government (especially in the judiciary); and also we may experience some commotion in a religious organization or even the death of an important religious leader. The latter could relate to the recent changes in the Catholic Church that continue to rock the world.
  7. In April and May we will have three eclipses, one lunar eclipse on April 25; a solar eclipse on May 9; and another lunar eclipse on May 25. The astrological aspects in these eclipse charts look somewhat “bearish” for the stock market, and there is a dominant and troubling signature for violence, conflict and/or war that is hard to ignore especially in late April and even into the summer months (Ketu conjoined Mars and Mercury opposite Saturn conjoined Rahu in the solar eclipse chart). The essence of what these eclipse charts seem to point to can resonate for months preceding (that means now) and also for months following the actual eclipse events. So, for all of us, more prayer and more light, please! With the lunar nodes transiting in Aries and Libra for the next year, this means the eclipses will occur on this axis which symbolizes the eternal battle between dark and light; the individual versus the collective/self versus other; and war versus peace/conflict versus diplomacy.

I want to share several links to some interesting 2013 astrological forecasts posted on the Web by some of my most respected colleagues and friends, who offer these to the public without charge. It is a great service they provide, and I am personally grateful. You will see they offer some similar and some different perspectives from my own:

  • Joni Patry at the Galactic Center in Dallas is one of the finest professional astrologers I know. Her forecasts are comprehensive and hopeful: http://www.galacticcenter.org/world-predictions/world-predictions/what-will-2013-bring.html
  • Liz Durkin has written a fascinating blog about 2013 as the Year of the Comet and what this means through the astrological symbolism and various omens. Liz is also a healer and has some important things to say on that front too: http://starworlds.blogspot.com/
  •  Howard Hamsa Beckman gives an interesting analysis of the year ahead with important information about the new year chart, transits and eclipses: http://www.howardbeckmanvedicastrologer.com/wordpress/
  • Dennis Flaherty’s Star Trends: Vedic Astrology Predictions for Winter and Spring 2013, always well-written and illuminating: http://www.vedicsciences.com/vedic-astrology-predictions-2013.html
  • Jagdish C. Maheshri, PH.D, also offers some important insights based on his extensive research and unique methodologies:http://www.astroinsight.com/G_comments/Annualpred/2013/index.html

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