Happy Lunar New Year 2014: Sri Jaya Samvatsara
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In the Vedic tradition of astrology, there are many different calendars and systems of reckoning time (kaala chakra). One of the most common methods to determine the lunar new year is based on the astro-chart for the new Moon in Pisces, which occurs this year at 2:44:39 PM (14:44:39) on March 30, 2014, Washington, DC (for understanding the USA collective karmas we use the location of Washington).








Traditionally, around the start of the lunar new year, temple astrologers install the new calendar (panchanga) during a ceremony in which the year’s upcoming predictions are read aloud, and in their analysis they follow a set of specific guidelines for interpreting these charts. They do this for a particular country, usually India where this system originated, but also the forecast is sometimes given more generally for the world at large. The astrologers collaborate with each other and go into great detail in their predictions looking at the lord and minister of the year and so forth.

This new year is called jaya (nama) samvatsara — year of victory — and as all the samvatsaras do, it is repeating a 60-year cycle. A person born during a jaya year is said to be learned, prosperous and successful. Similar qualities will extend into the collective reality in a jaya year, too. The last time we had jaya samvatsara was in 1954-1955 (from April 3, 1954 until March 23, 1955). Rosa Parks was arrested that year for resisting bus segregation, an event which was a kindling point for the African-American Civil Rights Movement. Rosa Parks will forever be an icon representing victory over racial tyranny and injustice.

Rosa Parks

In this new jaya year, across the entire planet, the new Moon in Pisces (Sun + Moon) closely conjoins Uranus, an outer planet which represents uprising and revolution. The key theme here is that we should be prepared for anything! The new year lunation in Pisces has been occurring with Uranus since 2010, but this will be the last year that they are closely aligned. The past four years have seen tremendous upheaval in the world, and in part, this is an expression of the Uranus factor in these new year charts.


Before 2010, Uranus occurred in the new year lunation from 1926 to 1933, during the Roaring 20s and the Great Wall Street Crash. Exactly during this time as well, a vast transformation swept through the Soviet Union in the form of the military-industrial revolution. Before this cycle, it was in the 1840s during the expansion of the American Wild West American and the beginning of the Gold Rush; also during the 1840s, anesthesia was first used in a surgical operation, there was a war between the British and Sikhs in India, and Antarctica was discovered. The Uranus new year lunation occurred before that in the 1760s and before that, the 1670s. These were times of scientific discovery, revolution and unprecedented historic changes in world governments and societies.

In the United States new year chart, Cancer rises. This is the sign of emotional security and the homeland. The section rising is in Ashelsha nakshatra formed by six stars in the constellation of Hydra the Water Snake, which relates to the serpentine force of churning and change. Known as the “Entwining Star,” Ashlesha nakshatra is ruled by Mercury, the bhoomi karaka (earth significator), located in the 8th house of transformation and thus revealing potential economic concerns and significant disruptive “earth changing” events ahead.

The section of Ashlesha rising is in Sagittarius navamsa, which points to the mass mind’s accelerated tendency for extreme fear, mistrust and discord. Interestingly, last year’s USA new year chart also had Cancer Rising (at an earlier degree) and last year was also another variation of a victory year (vijaya samvatsara). The new Moon falls in Uttarabhadrapada nakshatra, in the navamsa of Scorpio, which also deals with the serpent power of transformation and even more specifically relates to revealing things that have been deeply hidden.










The Sun, Moon and Uranus are in the ninth house of the USA new year chart in a wide-orb grand square with Pluto, Mars and Jupiter, a configuration which I have discussed in depth in another article titled The 2014 Mutable Grand Cross and April Eclipses. In any chart, to have the ruler (Moon) in the ninth house (bhagya bhava) is considered somewhat auspicious as this is a house of dharma (purpose), luck, wisdom and optimism. Such grace and protection help to override certain challenges seen elsewhere in the chart.

Nonetheless, according to mundane astrology, matters involving  ninth house significations may be triggered and brought into the limelight in the year ahead, and we could experience some unexpected events in any areas related to ninth house matters, including:

  • Spirituality, religion and religious institutions, ethics, and philosophy
  • Law, the Supreme Court, the judiciary in general, and litigation
  • Trade, treaties with foreign countries, and the United Nations
  • Long distance communication
  • Public opinion
  • Insurance
  • Education, science, higher thought and invention
  • Government secrets
  • Immigration, tourism and long distance travel
  • The Navy and naval affairs
  • National policies, censorship and political propaganda.


I will be surprised if we do not learn of a shocking new scientific discovery about the universe and outer space. I will be surprised if we do not have full disclosure on ETs and UFOs (maybe that is wishful thinking) because the 9th house has to do with inspiration and scientific discovery and Uranus specifically relates to outer space, innovative technologies and air travel.


Speaking of air travel, the Uranus lunation was also in the 2013-2014 new year chart and we have just recently experienced an unprecedented event in aviation history with the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. Uranus as the sky god is known as the bolt out of the blue which can strike at any time without warning. With the influence of Uranus on the new year lunation, we will continue to experience radical changes, energy fluctuations, intense creativity, psychological struggles, volatility, flashes of insight, breakdowns (or breakthroughs) and revelations.


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