Full Crystal Moon
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  • Post published:31/05/2021
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The Full Crystal Moon occurs on Wednesday, November 25 at 5:44 PM Eastern Daylight Time at 9 degrees of sidereal Taurus in Krittika nakshatra, in the fortunate Pushkara-Pisces navamsa. Quite soon after it becomes full (within two hours afterward), the Moon will move into its favorite abode of Rohini nakshatra, still in Taurus. This is a typically generous, practical, productive, harmonious, grounded and supportive full Moon, which represents the fullness of the heart as it falls in the sign of Venus which rules the heart chakra. Venus is transiting in Virgo which tends to find pleasure and fulfillment in work and service to others, but if out of balance, Venus in Virgo can be super dissatisfied and nit-picky, so this may be something to watch for over the next week.

Yes, there are some difficult aspects happening astrologically now and in the lunation charts ahead, and I have written of some of these elsewhere. But there are some positive aspects, too. For instance, the full Moon trines Mars, which reflects some intense-feeling, courageous, proactive, passionate, protective, and vitalizing capacity. In the D9 chart (navamsa), the Moon is in Jupiter’s sign (Pisces) and trine to Jupiter which signifies some sense of optimism, protection, hope or faith.

SFPageFull MoonNative Americans call this month’s lunation the “Frosty Moon” for obvious reasons, as it is becoming very cold in the Northern Hemisphere now. Frost is like clear quartz crystals and so I call this the *Full Crystal Moon*. Quartz crystals are associated with Venus and the heart chakra. Those of us who work with quartz crystals in healing are taught to leave them out every month under the full Moon for purifying and recharging, and this Moon is especially potent for that.

Clear quartz is known as the master healer. It amplifies energy and thought, clears negative energy, and balances and rejuvenates body, mind and spirit. Clear quartz also enhances psychic abilities, stimulates the immune system, aligns the subtle bodies, and brings the body into balance.

The Crystal Full Moon is akin to a giant quartz crystal that can be used for our physical and psycho-spiritual healing and attunement. On Tuesday and Wednesday nights this week, it would be empowering to meditate on the full Moon and imagine bringing Her right into our heart chakra as well as into our higher chakras (third eye, crown) or anywhere else that we are guided to direct the healing and nourishing soma, which is like a bio-electromagnetic elixir emanating from the Moon when it is near its full stage. This will be a great time to invoke this rejuvenating energy for ourselves, for others and for the planet (please), and also, to clarify and align with our heart’s deepest desire.


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