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  • Post published:16/05/2021
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Good news for all my friends living in a cold climate…spring is eventually coming, in case you forgot that! From this week’s Sky At A Glance (Sky and Telescope.com): “[Beginning Sunday Jan. 27] The Moon shines high in the east by 9 p.m. Lower left of it, by roughly a fist-width at arm’s length, sparkles Regulus in Leo, as shown here. The Sickle of Leo extends upper left from Regulus. The emergence of Leo in the evening sky [every year around this time] is always an early sign that spring is eventually coming.”

The waning Moon will be moving through the sensitive gandanta zone between sidereal Cancer and Leo tonight, arriving in Leo Monday morning Jan. 28 around 7:30 AM Eastern Time (ET) just in time for your morning commute (for those on ET). Monday evening (again ET), the Moon will conjoin the fixed star Regulus, the heart of the Lion located at about 5 degrees of sidereal Leo. You may be able to see Regulus shining brightly to the left of the Moon tonight or in the next few nights if the sky is clear.

In astrology, Regulus and the sign of Leo are a passionate and generous placement for the Moon, which is a symbol of our consciousness. The Moon will remain in sidereal Leo until Jan. 30 in the afternoon ET. The Moon in Leo is said to enhance courage, idealism, and benevolence, but when transiting near Regulus for the next day or so it can also reflect a higher than usual incidence for accidents. Knowing this, we can be extra mindful in the coming days while there are also some other potentially stressful astrological events taking place that are activating the Moon too: Mars is moving toward a conjunction with Neptune and both are in a wide square with the lunar nodes and opposite the Moon (a grand square) which can indicate some extra tensions or tendencies toward heated emotions or even carelessness and violence.

Jupiter is also stationing now, getting ready to go direct after being retrograde since October 5, 2012. It will go direct on the 30th January, which also can make us feel some big tension in the coming days. I have noticed that there is also more potential for seismic activity (earthquakes and volcanoes) within a few weeks before and after the Jupiter station. Please God forbid!

Jupiter stationing direct is often indicative of big changes that will begin happening now and in the next few months in business, politics, social and religious institutions; for example, change can be in terms of new rules and regulations being established and information coming out related to organizational matters. Jupiter has been retrograde in sidereal Taurus for almost four months, where it can signify some discontent or frustration related to fulfilling material desires. Of course to really understand this retrograde cycle in your own life, you would need to see what it is influencing in your individual natal chart, so I am speaking more in general. Jupiter retrograde can be a period when fanaticism or simply the attachment to an ideal can obstruct progress and practical solutions. Sound familiar? One hopes that as Jupiter advances in direct motion, we will begin to move forward on certain complicated conundrums plaguing our society, as well.

To see how this all plays out in the US in general, we can use the US Kelleher chart, with Sagittarius Rising. In this chart, Jupiter transits in the 6th house in sidereal Taurus from May 18, 2012 until June 1, 2013. Jupiter as the ruler of the US chart transiting in the malefic 6th house of disease, conflict, violence, enmity, and struggle is one sign of the uncertainty as well as many of the social and economic challenges we face nationally and internationally. Perhaps things have felt more challenging because of the retrograde cycle, which can strengthen the potentially negative vibrations of the 6th house.

Jupiter is a karaka (significator) of prosperity and peace, as well as government, politics and politicians, huge government expansion schemes, revenue of the nation, and capitalism; with Jupiter transiting in the malefic 6th house (and especially when retrograde), these significations can be somewhat marred. This is a signature for health and debt concerns. Yet, Jupiter transiting the 6th house brings some potential for transformation to Jupiterian matters as well because the 6th house is an upachaya or growing house, which signifies that some matters can improve over time and with effort. The 6th house governs employment matters. I hope that as Jupiter ends his retrograde cycle here, the jobs numbers will continue to improve though it is “iffy” given the 6/8 inconjunct between Jupiter and Saturn (which I have discussed before).

According to astrology, a few weeks before and after a station of a planet (either when it turns retrograde or direct), and especially the closest days around the station (from Jan. 25-Feb. 4, 2013) many of us will experience mood swings and changes in our psychological and physical energy. Jupiter is expansive in nature, and this can feel like a relief to some (again depending on your natal chart which requires extensive analysis), like a huge release. You may suddenly find the energy to deal with something you have been putting off or just not able to deal with. Perhaps it has to do with travel plans, or a new course of study, a relationship issue, or a new health regime, or any number of possible matters actually depending on the houses Jupiter rules and occupies in your birth horoscope.

On an energetic level, as if all this Jupiter business isn’t enough, the water element will be quite vulnerable in the coming week. This is as reflected in the placement of the grahas in the constellations (only one is in a water sign, that would be upa-graha Uranus in Pisces). In addition, the graha (planet) that rules over the water element, Venus, is changing signs from freedom-loving and expansive Sagittarius to practical (but sometimes rigid) Capricorn on Monday (Jan. 28) indicating some further weakness and adjustment needed to the element of water.

What does this mean to us as individuals when the water element is weak? Physical and emotional toxins can build up, emotional upsets may be triggered, and you may find it difficult to flow through the day with ease, in which case you may need to be more mindful about drinking enough water or fluids. Other ways to strengthen the attunement to the water element include Polarity Therapy or other energy healing work focused on moving the water element; receiving a lymphatic or deep tissue massage; as well as being in and around water; contemplating water in any way you like; and listening to the sound of water can also be good. Massage your feet (the negative pole of the water element in the body) with sweet oils or lotions (jasmine, ylang-ylang, orange blossom, etc). Move your body! Dance or flow yoga can be very good. Set healthy boundaries; take time to nurture yourself; be kind and generous; make a gratitude list; and practice unconditional self-love. Eat leafy greens and lots of fruit (melons when in season), cucumbers, and even salty foods can be helpful in moderation.

Om Loka Samistah Sukhino Bhavantu….May All Beings Be Happy and Free of Suffering…a good mantra for all of us in this uncertain world.

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