Fall Equinox Chart – September 2011
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Leo rises in the Fall Equinox chart for Washington, DC, at 12 longitudinal degrees and 29 minutes, in the nakshatra called Magha. This nakshatra is ruled by the Pitris (Ancestors), so it is especially fitting since the equinox occurs during the Hindu festival of Sradda (September 13-27), when karmic debts are repaid and offerings are given on behalf of one’s familial and spiritual ancestors. After Sradda will be my favorite Hindu festival of the year, Maha Navaratri (Nine Nights of Mother Divine), a blessed time of year, particularly for those of us who worship the Holy Mother in any of her forms (September 27 to October 6).

I cast a Heliocentric chart for the Fall Equinox, which places the Earth instead of the Sun and Moon inside the chart; this is because the chart is viewed from the position of the Sun (see chart below). Such charts are often used to gauge mundane events. This one has a grand fire trine between the Ascendant and Mercury in Leo /1st house with Pluto in Sagittarius/5th house and Jupiter in Aries/9th house. This trine adds some sense of dynamic energy, good fortune and protection to the fall season, and reflects the possibility of government expansion on big projects. However, as Jupiter rules the 8th house, it is possible that we will see some kind of upheaval or transformative event(s) involving institutions of religion, higher education, business or government.

The placement of Saturn in the 2nd house is generally not good for the ruler of the country, and indicates that public regard for President Obama may continue to decline. Saturn’s position here reveals the ongoing debt crisis and overall adverse economic conditions during this last quarter of the year. The most challenging feature of this chart is the placement of the Earth with Uranus (planet of upheaval) in Pisces (sign of transformation and endings) in the 8th house (death, debts, illnesses, crises and upheaval), which is indicative of the country’s severe debt crisis and also the likelihood of some shocking, tumultuous or scandalous events affecting large numbers of people in the coming months. This may be especially true because the 8th house Uranus/Earth is afflicted by squares from both Mars and Pluto (both dangerous influences). Because of this along with the fact that the MC/10th house is squared by Neptune, there is a possibility of riots and revolts or some kind of turmoil involving high-ranking government officials, or the possibility for a sudden unexpected international attack or event.

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