Fall 2012 Astral Weather Report
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During the equinoxes, the Sun at 0 degrees of declination appears to be passing right over the celestial equator. Tropical astrologers consider that the Sun moves into the sign of Libra around the time of the fall equinox, but because sidereal astrologers track the movement of the planetary bodies against the actual constellations, and because of the precession of the equinoxes, the Sun is no longer moving into the true constellation of Libra on the fall equinox. Instead, it is currently found at almost 6 degrees in the constellation of Virgo. It will not enter the constellation of Libra until mid-October. If you want to understand the issue of the two zodiacs more in depth, I highly recommend that you read Robert Powell’s History of the Zodiac and Hermetic Astrology (the latter in two volumes).

Though there are umpteen mundane charts we can look at to understand our current and upcoming astral weather, I like to look at the sidereal fall equinox chart which I feel can reveal something about our current state of affairs as well as what we might expect in the last quarter of 2012. This is because the equinox denotes a planetary “still point,” when there is a harmonizing pause and then an electromagnetic “reboot” of not only the Earth’s energy system but our own individual energetic systems. This happens on the solstices and vernal equinox as well, through each seasonal shift has a different quality. The fall equinox is about balancing the movement of life force as it begins to move downward into the Earth. In the southern hemisphere, the energy is moving back upward.

The astrological chart erected for the equinox displays all the other planets in relation to the Sun as well as in relation to the rising sign for a particular location. I always look at this or any chart against the backdrop of the starry sky rather than using the symbolic tropical signs that are no longer aligned with the constellations after which they were named. In astrology, the Sun is the all-important king of the horoscope, the sarva atman or whole self.

View Fall Equinox chart PDF

View Nov. 2012 Lunar Eclipse chart PDF

View Nov. 2012 Solar Eclipse chart PDF

The Sun represents the physical body, ambition, vitality, and personal power. One could say that the essence of the Sun is a composite of all the other astrological bodies in our solar system. In mundane astrology, the Sun represents wisdom, vision, banks, stock exchange, politics, CEO’s, athletes, government leaders at the top, judges and magistrates, and the film and athletic industries. You can see that the Sun covers a lot of territory. In a mundane horoscope, we can analyze the Sun for any of these matters.

To understand something of the current situation in the United States where I live, I cast the fall equinox chart for Washington DC, the capital of the nation, September 22, 2012 at 10:49 AM. The ascendant (rising sign) is Libra at 21 degrees and 38 minutes. Libra as a sign of balance fits the chart erected for the autumnal still point. Libra is also the sign of politics and politicians, of which we will certainly experience our fair share during the next quarter, especially prior to the November presidential election.

Libra is represented by the kidneys of the Kala Purusha (Cosmic Being). As the kidneys are the purifiers and pH balancers of the physical body, this constellation relates to purification and balance. Libra is emblematically represented by the scales of balance, a symbol of justice and harmony. Though this symbolism is true, a “libra” is also a Latin measure of weight, which is why Libra also relates to the public arena where business and social interactions take place.

Saturn is exalted in the first house of the chart at 4 degrees and 26 minutes of Libra. This is an indication that we are witnessing very sobering events in the world, which have occurred in the days leading up to the equinox, and many of us are experiencing a great deal of underlying tension and pressure. Saturn has just risen before the equinox occurs, which indicates that it is in a position 12th from the ascendant, 17 degrees earlier, which puts it in the 12th house of the equal house chart as well as the Sri Pati bhava chart. This placement of Saturn opposite the 6th house mirrors the USA’s current difficulties with massive debt, out-of-control government spending, serious concerns involving foreign countries, the ongoing healthcare crisis, unemployment, and so forth.

For some good news, since early August and for the next few years, Saturn is transiting in its best exalted sign of Libra, and even better, in a harmonious trine with Neptune in Aquarius. This trine is often described as an encouraging aspect in which realism unites with idealism, when dreams can be achieved through skillful and practical means. This aspect signifies a time of spiritual awakening and altruism. Nonetheless, until June 1, Saturn will be in a 6/8 (150-degree) aspect with Jupiter. This is known as shasta-ashtaka in Vedic astrology. In Western astrology it is called an inconjunct or quincunx. No matter what we call it, this is the most difficult of aspects. It is moving into place now but will be exact the first time on December 21, 2012, which is, synchronistically, the end date of a 13-baktun/~5126-year Mayan Great Cycle.

The 6/8 aspect between the two grahas (planets) of karma/action (Saturn) and dharma/purpose (Jupiter) indicates the need for adjustment between opposing sets of forces that just do not tend to blend well. The inconjunct requires a great deal of self discipline and inner awareness to work effectively with its transformational power. On a mundane level, this conflictual aspect between Jupiter and Saturn may reveal its worst effect in the volatility and uncertainty of our global economy. On an individual level, this aspect represents a period when we have no choice but to make psychological and emotional adjustments.

The nakshatra or lunar mansion in which Libra rises in the fall equinox chart is Vishakha. One of its symbols is an archway, indicating the movement toward a new world reality. Vishakha is ruled by two gods, Indra and Agni, who represent transformation and fire. Vishakha comprises the section from 20 degrees of Libra to 3 degrees and 20 minutes of Scorpio. This section of Libra and Scorpio in particular is the sign of revolutionaries, utopianists, or fanatics. The shadow side of Vishakha is aggression, and this is further indicated in the fall equinox chart by the fact that the ascendant falls in the first pada of Vishakha in Aries navamsha ruled by Mars, the planet of war. This is even more troubling because Mars is the first planet to rise in the equinox chart for Washington, further indicating potential for unrest. The latest Islamic uprisings against the United States is mirrored in this chart, and it looks like such events may be ongoing for some time, at least through much of the fourth quarter which I am analyzing via the equinox chart.

The lunar nodes (Rahu and Ketu) are debilitated in the 2/8 axis in Taurus and Scorpio; Jupiter is in the tumultuous 8th house; and Saturn and Mars are in the 2nd house from the Sun. All of this mirrors the reality of economic confusion that we have been facing and which we will continue to face. Demonic and shadowy Rahu is fallen in the 2nd house, pointing to the recent conservative speculation of a Barack Obama–Ben Bernanke conspiracy in the Fed’s latest big economic stimulus move, known as QE3, the third round of the Fed’s quantitative easing program. If this is not a devious scheme, it at least shows Bernanke’s support of Obama in the upcoming election. An alternate idea is that the Fed’s action fits in with the GOP appraisal—if the economy were fine, the Fed would not have had to act with such acute measures.

Bottom line, Rahu in this chart points to the long-standing suspicion about the Fed’s role in our economic crisis as well as in various political shenanigans. Based on Rahu’s fallen position, this does not bode well in the long run, as it may indicate a highly risky situation created through artificial expansion and deception, like building castles in the sky. This idea is one expressed in response to QE3 by US Rep. Ron Paul:

Mr. Bernanke and Fed governors appear not to understand that our current economic malaise resulted directly because of the excessive credit the Fed already pumped into the system…Rather than stimulating a real recovery by focusing on a strong dollar and market interest rates, the Fed’s announcement shows a disastrous detachment from reality on the part of our central bank. Any further quantitative easing from the Fed, in whatever form, will only make our next economic crash that much more serious.

Speaking of the presidential election, I am not a political astrologer and do not feel qualified to predict a winner. When I attended the UAC panel on the presidential election last May in New Orleans, I witnessed five world-class astrologers predicting a win for Obama. The outcome seemed remarkable because they were each using unique methodologies to make their forecasts. With respect to these exceptional astrologers, I wondered how many of them had a strong bias in the matter they were predicting. One of my Jyotish teachers told me long ago that one should be very cautious when forecasting on any matter upon which one is personally biased. This is why I do not usually like to read the charts of my closest loved ones because my judgment can be skewed when I am personally invested.

A friend recently mentioned to me that no Democrat has ever won the presidential race during the transit of Saturn in sidereal Libra. This is presumably because Saturn in Libra sets a more conservative tone. I checked and found out that this is not entirely true. According to my calculations, Martin van Buren (Democrat) was elected in 1836 during the Saturn transit in Libra. After that, there were four more US presidents elected during Saturn’s transit in Libra, and all of them were Republicans:

  1. Abraham Lincoln (Republican) was reelected on 8 November 1864; he was later assassinated in office.
  2. William McKinley (Republican) was elected on 3 November 1896; he was also assassinated in office.
  3. Calvin Coolidge (Republican) was reelected on 4 November 1924; he had originally taken the position from Harding, who died in office.
  4. Ronald Reagan (Republican) was re-elected on 6 November 1984.

Western astrologer Lynn Hayes has written a contrary opinion about the outcome of the presidential election, which can be accessed here: http://astrodynamics.net/astrologicalmusings/2012/06/28/astrologers-predict-the-outcome-of-the-2012-election-part-i/

Some key points in this post which I find quite compelling are:

1.     ..the revolution that is perpetuated by the opening square of the Uranus/Pluto cycle will occur on the Right just as it did on the Left during the conjunction in the 1960s.

2.     The day of the election the transiting Moon will be in [tropical] Libra, transiting the Midheaven of the US Sibley chart and both are squared by the transiting Sun. The Sun will be sitting right on the US Jupiter which bodes well for voter turnout. Transiting Uranus is inconjunct the US progressed Sun which suggests an upset.

3.     Most telling, transiting Pluto is tightly quincunx Uranus in the US chart which echoes the theme of a radical change but suggests that there is an impatience (Uranus) that will necessitate a total upheaval (Pluto). I suspect that the polls will say one thing up until the day of the election, and there will be a reversal on election day.

The lunar nodes mark the November eclipses in the 2/8 money axis of the fall equinox chart. The solar eclipse chart of November 13 in Washington DC shows Ketu conjunct Fortuna and the fixed star Algol on the ascendant, which is potentially a combination for economic disintegration. Rahu is in the 7th house, which concerns enemies of the nation and war. Events that are indicated by an eclipse often occur months in advance as well as months after the eclipse. In the former case, we are now seeing the effects in the most recent fanatical Muslim uprisings against the United States. Rahu in the 7th house in the Washington DC eclipse chart means there is real danger of war being waged in an enemy country. It also means that there can be brutal plots carried out against the United States on US soil or abroad.

The Sun falls in the 12th house of the fall equinox chart for Washington DC. It conjoins Mercury, the graha that symbolizes transportation, industry, communication, food supplies, and public illness among other matters in mundane astrology. This is not a great placement for the Sun or Mercury especially as they are aspected by the destructive South Node (Ketu) located in the 8th house of death and turmoil. The Sun and Mercury lose vitality, so the overall well being of the nation suffers at this time and particularly in regard to the aforementioned matters specifically symbolized by the Sun and Mercury. As an example, the Sun in the chart represents the leader of a nation, so President Obama may be under extreme pressure and especially at the mercy of negative publicity and even conspiratorial actions by his enemies. Enemy espionage and terrorist threats against the nation may be at an all time high. It is also said that prison uprisings can occur with this placement of the Sun. Though Jupiter is also aspecting the Sun and Mercury, its usual benefic influence may be mired due to its conjunction with Ketu in the 8th house and its quincunx (6/8) with both Saturn and Mars. These aspects are also potentially indicative of seismic upheaval and devastating storms which may be especially intense during late October and throughout November as Ketu transits close to the dreaded fixed star Algol.

The Moon is conjoined transformational Pluto which has just stationed a few days previously; therefore, Pluto is very strong and its influence prominent. Moon and Pluto are in a T-square with the Sun-Mercury opposite Uranus. This is part of the long-term effect of the ongoing square between Pluto and Uranus which indicates a trend of transformative events through 2015, including political and social disorder, natural and man-made disasters, and significant meteorological or seismic events. The Moon is in Sagittarius in the 3rd house indicating the barrage of political rhetoric and media frenzy that will be coming down the line for the next few months. Moon squaring Sun often means that it is difficult for the common people of the nation to maintain their status quo. Moon conjoined Pluto reflects the fact that collective action will be difficult due to two opposing factions among the people.

The Moon disposits Venus, the planet of diplomacy and the rashi sign ruler of the chart. Venus is in the 10th house where it is strong, but this is its worst dik bala placement which makes it less auspicious. Also, Venus is the 8th house lord for Libra rising charts so it also can indicate turmoil and upheaval, and Venus is in a square with Mars which deters foreign diplomacy, harms the image of the nation, and indicates enduring economic woes and political controversy. I am sorry if I sound like a doomsayer. Well it is 2012, after all!  Seriously, I have reflected on the 2012 shift in another blog. I hope you enjoy it! Stay strong, in love and light.

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