Debilitated (Neecha) Mars in Sidereal Cancer
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  • Post published:27/05/2021
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Hello friends! Saturn has just gone direct and now I draw some new attention to Mars, which is in its transit of sidereal Cancer from July 30 to September 15, 2015. This transit happens every two years and is considered one of the weakest sign placements for Mars. It is known as the debilitation (neecha) sign of Mars, which gives weakness to the fire element (agni), which is governed by Mars. In astrology, Mars correlates with the third “Manipura” chakra, the “Jeweled City” in the solar plexus which is our seat of fire and the power of transformation.

ManipuraWhen Mars and the fire element are weak, we can feel a loss of energy, ambition, willpower and self-discipline. We cannot fully digest food, thoughts and emotions, which leads to the build up of toxins. We can experience powerlessness and frustration (or even anger); low self-esteem, and shame or guilt; inertia; difficulty concentrating; digestive issues; liver toxicity; headaches; colds and flu; problems with our legs; and eye disorders.

Some of us will experience this more than others during this transit, depending on our natal charts, progressed cycles and where the transit is occurring. For those with Mars-ruled Aries and Scorpio ascendant, Sun or Moon signs, this can be a most difficult transit. In addition, Saturn is transiting in Mars-ruled Scorpio which further adds stress to the fire element and to Scorpios at this time. However, there will be a period from August 21 to September 4 when Mars will transit in auspicious navamsas (ninth harmonic) which helps to counteract some of the weakness of Mars in Cancer.

Some ways I recommend to work with the fire element at this time include:
1. Yoga!  Specifically, asanas that twist the midsection can be very helpful. Additionally, the Polarity Yoga exercise known as the Woodchopper is specifically helpful to balance the Manipura chakra and the fire element. You can see how to do it here (the second exercise shown at the bottom of the page on Digital Dr. Stone): …and here are the instructions: The Woodchopper should not be attempted if you have back problems. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, keeping your knees soft (bent). Clasp your hands above your head. Take a deep breath in through your nose arching your body backwards, and on your exhale, bring your hands down between your legs, hinging from the hips and dropping your head as if chopping wood. Let out a loud explosive “Ha” sound at the end of the stroke. Inhale and come up slowly and repeat as many times as necessary, at least 5-10 times. The movement should be rhythmic and flowing. You may need to take a break and repeat the process before you feel complete. Please follow your own guidance on this and be careful not to strain or go too fast, as this can lead to dizziness. This exercise ignites the fire principle and offers a healthy release for anger and frustration.
2. A balanced liver detox.
3. Dietary and nutritional measures to strengthen and enhance the digestive fire (including avoiding too many icy drinks). I recommend eating according to your Ayurvedic dosha.
4. Moderate exercise and activity, don’t overdo it.
5. Set healthy emotional boundaries and cultivate unconditional feelings of self-worth (remember you are are human being not a human doing). Mars represents the “courage of our convictions,” so it is important in this cycle to make sure we are acting in alignment with our values and commitments.
6. Spend a lot of time in the outdoors enjoying the beautiful scenery of nature.
7. Rise early every day to watch the sunrise and take in the vitality of the Sun.
8. Use incense and candles in the environment, and especially rosemary or citrus scented oils and candles. Work with a fire meditation, Tratak, and/or pujas/homas/agni hotra.
9. Impatiens flower essence if you feel frustrated, impatient or irritable. Or even better, consult with a flower essence practitioner and receive a special combination formula for your unique needs.
10. Last but not least, Red Coral gem elixir is very helpful for enhancing and balancing Mars and the fire element. I am a distributor of the Planetary Gem Elixirs made by Dr. Lilli Botchis and do highly recommend them as agents of lasting change. I feel that anyone and everyone is safe to take Red Coral Gem Elixir when Mars is transiting in Cancer *but only if you need it* (if you are experiencing mistrust; health issues and weakness physically and emotionally; if you are lacking focus and the ability to follow through; if you are experiencing an absence of joy, procrastination, fear, sadness, depression, ungroundedness, or worry; if you feel a strong lack of love, support and abundance; or feelings of guilt, shame, and inhibition).

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Red Coral Gem Elixir: Balances the fiery temperament, generates courage, strength and vitality, balances sexual forces, clarifies energetic direction and focus in life, inspires constructive endeavors and activities, insures follow-through of commitment to completion, uplifts the creative spirit, cultures positive self-affirming thoughts and happiness, quiets emotions, frees repetitive thinking, encourages decisive action without judgment, brings the courage to overcome fears and procrastination, determination, enhances concentration, balances the male/female energetic axis, brings improvement to finances:

Love and light,

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