Day Nine Navaratri, April 2016: Matangi, Goddess of Royal Elephant Power
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Om Hreem Aim Shreem

Namo Bhagavati Ucchisthachandali

Sri Matangeswari Sarvagyanavashamkari Swaha

220px-Matangi_yantra_colorThe ninth day of Navratri is known as MahaNavami. It is Ram Navami, the day of Lord Ram’s birthday which is celebrated as the victory of light over dark. The Todala Tantra (Ch. 10) correlates Lord Vishnu’s ten incarnations with the ten Mahavidyas as follows: “Tara Devi is the blue form; Bagla is the tortoise incarnation; Dhumavati is the boar, Chinnamasta is Narasimha; Bhuvaneshvari is Vamana, Matangi is the Rama form; Tripura is Jamadagni, Bhairavi is Balabhadra; Mahalakshmi is Buddha, and Durga is the Kalki form. Bhagavati Kali is the Krishna murti.” So today is devoted to Lord Ram and also the Goddess Matangi. It is also the day of Saraswati, who is related in some ways to Matangi.

matangi devi fierceIn fact, Sri Maa Matangi is considered the Tantric version of Goddess Saraswati and is said to rule over music, art, sound and learning. She is associated with living outside the normal bounds of society which symbolically refers to the sound current before it manifests in the world. Matangi is worshipped for power over enemies and for other kinds of mystical powers including attracting money and love as well as attaining the highest knowledge. She is often depicted as the color of emerald, with three eyes, wearing a crescent moon on her head, holding a hammer, noose, goad and shield in her four hands. Like Lalita she sometimes has a parrot with her. Matangi is propitiated for any issues related to the Sun in the Vedic horoscope, as Matangi is the shakti of Lord Ram the Sun God.RamThe elephant, king of beasts, is the mount of kings and symbol of royal power, the power of domination. Indra, the king of heaven, is shown riding on an elephant. Siva, as the world ruler, the  dispenser of justice, the embodiment of kingly virtues, the destroyer of evil, is known as the Elephant Matanga. After the terror of the night appears the reassuring sunlight. The demons are defeated. Matangi, the Elephant power [consort of Matanga] establishes the rule of peace, of calm, of prosperity.” (The Myths and Gods of India, Alain Danielou, p 283).




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