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Every challenge is an opportunity to grow. Read that again, Capricorn. This year you may find that you are your partner on different pages about virtually everything, from the future of your relationship to the choice of cuisine. Being open and receptive is the only way to find a middle ground. So, be patient with yourself and the other. A good way to rekindle the passion is by remembering the magical moments such as that first kiss shared under the stars. Single Saturnians, be careful what you wish for. Now is *not* the time to enter into a long-term commitment with somebody you’ve known for only a few months. The start of the year may find you questioning your chosen career path as well. Observe the feeling come and go as you resist the urge to act on your impulses. Things will fall into place eventually, opening the door to brand new possibilities. PS: An increase in your income is also indicated, which could bring in that sense of security you’ve consistently been working towards.

Power crystal:  The tangerine-hued citrine is known to bring with it a sense of joy and optimism into our lives. 

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