Capricorn Horoscope Today: November 15, 2021
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  • Post published:25/11/2021
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Egyptian Goddess Maat is known to represent cosmic order and today she is bringing with herself the reminder that the scales will soon balance themselves. That’s right, Capricorn. Justice will prevail and you will find a way to triumph over the circumstances that are currently bringing you down. So, act conscientiously and keep adding to those good karma points. Your ancestors and guides are working closely with you, providing you with the strength and courage required to power through.

Cosmic tip: Justice will be served, beloved.

She has decided to bestow her blessings on you. As long as you have followed the rules and kept your integrity intact, there is nothing to fear. The Goddess rewards those who have found the balance and accepted the truth. This is also an opportunity to see yourself clearly and know that you can depend on yourself to make solid decisions because Maat also reigns over the Hall of Mirrors which reflect our own light back to us. You have done well, Capricorn, and the Goddess is just a reminder of that.

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