Astral Weather Ahead for October? Stay Tuned…
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  • Post published:29/05/2021
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Western astrologer Susan Miller of recently tweeted that “October could be a hard month…Mid-October stressful.” Then ran a piece titled “Don’t Freak Out But Susan Miller Says October’s Gonna Be Awful.” Miller also announced earlier in 2015 that “April’s so scary I’m giving classes on it.” Looking back on it, April didn’t seem that much worse than any other month this year. At least, I personally was not scared more than usual.

Ethically, it is OK for astrologers to say we are coming into a “hard” period, but we are also encouraged to be constructive and use indeterminate qualifiers; suggest possible alternative interpretations; and make remedial suggestions to go along with such pronouncements. More to the point, astrological ethics caution against making extreme statements of approaching calamity that could cause personal or public alarm. This is in part because it’s just not professional  to use fear to promote one’s agenda, products or services. And truth is, astrological conditions can play out in variable events of similar meaning; much of the future is not fully predetermined; and so, astrology cannot predict the outcome of future astronomical events with absolute surety.

Among many contemporary Western or Vedic astrologers, fear sells, and I suppose the world’s most popular astrologer has had to learn how to tweet a tiny fear-bite every now and then to keep her millions of fans on edge and coming back for more. Yet, Miller herself has stated that her work in astrology is not fortune telling, but is more about practical life coaching. She gives the astrological weather forecast and leaves it up to us to plan accordingly. She has even been quoted saying, “You can always overcome these bad aspects if you are determined.” That’s how I do it, too. The trick is to offer a positive view while not candy-coating the rise and fall and stress and strain of our ever-turning world.

So, is October really looking to be that “hard”? Stay tuned and I will weigh in on this in the near future. Here’s a hint to hold you until then: September with its two eclipses and Mercury retrograding etc. etc. looks to be a little more “interesting” than October.


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