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All that we behold is full of blessings. ~William Wordsworth

Greetings all! As we are winding down 2011, there will be one final solar eclipse occurring in sidereal Scorpio on November 25, 2011 at ~6:20 AM UT, followed two weeks later by a lunar eclipse in sidereal Taurus on December 10, 2011 at ~14:32 UT. As I have written before, eclipses have a significant role to play in worldly affairs, and they also can trigger changes in our personal lives.

In the solar eclipse on November 25, the Sun and Moon will widely conjunct the Moon’s North Node in the constellation of Scorpio, forming a partial eclipse only. It will be visible in high latitudes in the Southern Hemisphere, including lower South Africa, Antarctica, Tasmania and most of New Zealand. Though eclipses signify changing trends and cycles on a worldwide level, it is believed that the precise geographical location of the eclipse path will carry some added emphasis in the coming months. You can take a look at its path on the NASA eclipse website:

For everyone—though certainly for some more than others depending on specific natal horoscope triggers—the days leading up to and following an eclipse can be somewhat destabilizing as our Earth’s electromagnetic energy field experiences something akin to a “reboot.” On top of that, the eclipses are currently occurring in the Taurus-Scorpio axis, which is the area of the zodiac relating to integration of the material and spiritual dimensions. Actually, Taurus is the sign of material security, and Scorpio can shake up material security. For weeks before and after the actual eclipse, one may experience more than the usual confusion, fear, upheaval or turmoil on the material, emotional or spiritual levels; again, for some it will be more challenging than others, depending on where this axis occurs in the astrological birth chart.

In mundane astrology, the constellation of Taurus signifies economic conditions, trade and business; food production; the auto industry; journalism and journalists; and the postal service (probably we will hear some troubling announcements ahead from the USPS). Scorpio stands for debt; floods; mining; organized crime; secrets of all kinds, including secret weapons; nuclear science and energy; taxes, stocks, industries; death and dying; disease; poison; rebirth, and regeneration. The global issues reflected by the eclipses occurring in this area of the stellar zodiac are quiet intense now, as many people on the planet are grappling with basic survival issues; one truly wonders how we can continue to coexist with our mushrooming world population, massive problems on all fronts and apparently limited resources.

The solar eclipse occurs in the fourth astrological house of the Washington DC (United States) eclipse chart, emphasizing the possibility in coming months for intensified seismic activity; mining issues; landslides; floods; ongoing government opposition; and some further spotlight on agriculture, mortgage/loan/banking and housing industries. In the USA eclipse chart, though Jupiter is in the auspicious ninth house, it is in an inconjunct (6/8) “difficult” aspect to the eclipsed Sun and Moon; and is in a shakti yoga with the Moon and Rahu, which further takes away some of Jupiter’s usual good fortune and blessing.

Jupiter is the planet of banks and the banking industry, and based on these aspects, one wonders if there will be major losses or secrets revealed in the banking industry (ninth house is twelfth/loss from the tenth/business). These aspects also indicate some possibility of foreign trade wars and conflict between the United States and the United Nations or other world organizations. Note also that Mars, the dispositor of the eclipsed planets, is very powerful in the first house of the eclipse chart. Mars in mundane astrology has reference to military matters, patriotism, political fanaticism, and infectious diseases, and of concern is the fact that it is squaring the Sun and Moon in the fourth house (which governs the homeland and the people at large) and opposing Neptune and Chiron in the seventh house (enemies).

The solar eclipse is a super-charged new Moon, which means that it intensely activates new beginnings in the area of the horoscope where it occurs. If you were born between November 15 and December 15, your natal Sun will be eclipsed, and that means the coming year will probably be an eventful time of personal or professional “renovation.” In the weeks and months leading up to a solar eclipse, one can often feel more tired than usual in preparation for releasing the old to make way for something new. This is especially true as this eclipse occurs near the end of the year when we are spiraling inward toward the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere. Within several days after the winter solstice (December 22, 5:30 UT), there may be some release of the old energy when the Sun begins its northern descent.

The December 10 lunar eclipse will occur in the constellation of Taurus. A lunar eclipse is a super-charged full Moon that often brings up issues in relationship. In general, the lunar eclipse can represent the possible fruition and culmination of a cycle in your life. For some…the lunar eclipse can also trigger the release of passion or aggression.

Because of the eclipses, it may be best not to make important decisions until at least after December 10 if you can hold off a while. This is especially so because Mercury is retrograding (appearing to stop and move backward) about a day before the solar eclipse (November 24), and will remain retrograde until around December 14. For major decisions, it may be best to wait until the second day of the new year after Mercury crosses back over and past its retrograde shadow area.

Mercury’s activation in the solar eclipse can indicate travel delays and frustrations as well as communication challenges in the coming weeks. One is well advised to take it easy and go with the flow, stay grounded and centered, and be extra cautious, gentle and mindful. The current season of the waning Sun (northern hemisphere) is one of the best times of the year for quiet soul-searching and healing, and this is especially true in the hours before, during and after the eclipses, when contemplative or healing practices can produce enhanced benefits.

Scorpio-Taurus eclipses can bring trials, tribulations and real crises for sure, but these can lead to important revelations and innovative breakthroughs, so one should not lose heart. In fact, there may be some good news. According to Sage Varahamihira (Brihat Samhita), if a solar eclipse occurs after a lunar eclipse, there is a decline in the overall mood and well being of society. On the other hand, if a lunar eclipse takes place after a solar eclipse, better times are ahead. In the beginning of 2011, we had a solar eclipse that followed a lunar eclipse (a challenging year), but this current eclipse cycle has the solar eclipse occurring first, which I feel will indicate a more hopeful and positive year ahead.

Thank you for your ongoing interest and support of my work. I wish each one of you a joyful holiday season and blessed new year with much love and light! As always, I welcome your feedback, comments and questions. ~Juliana






About Juliana: I will be available for readings, healing sessions and tutoring classes up until December 15, at which time I will be taking a month-long break. I plan to spend the Christmas holiday with my family in Southern California, and after that, will be back home in Hawaii working on some of my astrology projects. I have a few more slots for readings available before mid-December, and am also presently booking “new year” appointments for mid-January.

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