Astral Update October 14, 2016
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I just returned from my three-week pilgrimage and retreat in India where it was quite refreshing not to hear about the highly unpleasant United States Presidential Election. However, some of my dear friends, readers, and clients have been asking me about the election outcome so I wanted to say a few things about it. I have not been writing much about the election because there is no verified time of birth for Hillary Clinton. The closest to being verified is 2:18 AM, but Shiva’s Curse on astrologers is in full force with this issue, as even the astrologers have been dropping to new lows battling it out over what might be the correct time. Most astrologers, of both Eastern and Western systems, are weighing in now in favor of a Hillary Clinton win. Most of them are using rectified birth times around 8 AM or 8 PM. A few great astrologers have predicted a Trump win. I honestly cannot see what the outcome will be at this time (read on).

I believe, based on my own and other astrologers’ research, that the 2:18 AM time of birth is the most accurate for Hillary Clinton, and I have been using it for the past several months. You can read about all her conflicting birth times on Astrologer Marc Penfield called the birth registry and did his best to verify the correct time but without a picture of the birth certificate, the Rodden rating for Clinton’s birth data is still DD (conflicting and unverified). Just today, the Washington Post published the story about the 2:18 AM time in more detail, title ‘This is not to be trusted’: Astrologers are battling over Hillary Clinton’s true birth time. I disagree with the comments stating it could not be the correct chart, and also know for a fact that Penfield is an honorable man who told the truth.

In my experience of astrology, birth time rectifications can be quite subjective and biased, even when carried out by the best astrologers through any of the myriad specific technical methods that we are taught to use. The fact that there has been a lot of confusion and vitriolic discussion among astrologers over the Clinton birth time feels like an ill omen to me, meaning that we really have little to work with but conjecture, and also more importantly, it reflects (as many believe) that there are confusing forces at hand related to her and her campaign.

1With so many birth times and charts floating around for Hillary Clinton, I do not feel comfortable making an astrological prediction about her based on her chart.  That said, if the 2:18 AM natal chart were correct, it does not look so compelling for her rise to the seat of US President, though it does clearly reflect her career as a politician and also shows the many debacles of her career and personal life very well. It does not have an auspicious match to the US Kelleher birth chart or the POTUS chart for George Washington’s inauguration nearly as well as a president’s chart usually does (which Trump’s verified chart actually does match quite well). There is one compelling feature which is that Clinton’s Rahu conjoins the POTUS MC. However, there is some inauspiciousness associated with this conjunction. Let me explain.

A nodal inversion occurs when Rahu in one chart conjoins Ketu in another, and vice versa. This is happening with the POTUS chart in which Clinton’s Rahu conjoins the MC/Ketu of POTUS, and her Ketu conjoins the IC/Rahu of POTUS. This connection is in place no matter what time of birth we use that day. The nodal inversion often indicates the possibility of a reversal of fortune, change of direction or turn of events possibly around or even before the election. I wondered about this also because the Full Moon-Uranus conjunction on October 16, which will resonate for a few weeks, is in a 6/8 inconjunct/quincunx/ aspect to the POTUS IC/Rahu-Ketu inversion, which could indicate a significant break or at least some kind of necessary readjustment as in a health crisis, or a professional or family matter. Here is the biwheel of the two sidereal charts (all my charts are sidereal/Lahiri ayanamsa):

2Here are three other charts for you to examine: 1) the Kelleher US chart with Clinton biwheel; 2) the Potus-Trump biwheel; and 3) the Kelleher US-Trump biwheel. In the latter two, there are interesting match-ups, the most significant being that Trump’s natal ascendant is almost exactly conjunct the POTUS ascendant, and his Jupiter (dharma) aligns perfectly with the US Kelleher Saturn (karma) in the 10th house of public office. That is not enough to predict a win, but does at least reflect that he made it this far in an election cycle in which most media and political pundits as well as astrologers had him dropping out over a year ago.

345There are so many anomalies in this election cycle, making it unprecedented, including corruption in the DNC/and what allegedly happened to Bernie Sanders through that corruption; the ongoing Clinton email and Benghazi scandals; Trump being such a unique and outrageous populist candidate shaking up the Washington establishment and the GOP; accusations of sex scandals galore on both sides; already reports of alleged voter fraud in the DNC; no verified astro-chart for Clinton; etc. etc. etc. My intuition and common sense for a long time have been that she wins. But following my own astrological ethics, I do not feel comfortable attempting to predict without a verified chart for her; and also at this time, as I have said before and will say again, something significant could turn around events before the election. There are other methods, charts and types of astrological data to use to make predictions, including horary (prasna), transits and progressions to mundane charts, but even with these I am not sure.

As I try to look at this from a higher nondualistic perspective, I believe that we will always get the President we deserve per our nation’s collective karma, and this is for good and bad. The year ahead looks to be bumpier than usual no matter who is elected POTUS. Much poison will be unleashed in our world but it is our responsibility to extract the medicine from the poison and use it as individuals to raise human consciousness and serve the Divine along with the common good as best we can. Those of us who are at all sensitive are aware that the world is really intense and troubling now, and this will be ongoing per astrological forecasting. It seems 2017 will be quite rough, which I see astrologically in a number of ways, including Saturn’s transit in the Tail of Scorpion and in the Galactic Center of transformation for most of 2017.

The Maha Kranti is happening now. This is the term for a great destructive cycle which some call Pralaya (destruction, loss of consciousness). One of my gurus, Haidakhan Babaji, predicted in the 70’s and 80’s that it would come soon, and clearly it is happening NOW. It is a great turning, a revolutionary period of chaos and destruction on the planet. It is not a mass awakening as New Agers would have us think. That does not come fully for about 5000 more years per Sri Yukteswar. But we are ascending toward it slowly, and so gradually progress is made. Babaji said there would be no shanti (peace) until after the kranti.

The Maha Kranti reflects the world going topsy-turvy as seen in mass overpopulation; extreme economic inequity and poverty; dimming consciousness; environmental degradation; human greed and ignorance; hypocrisy and divisiveness; hatred and war. We are not to be disheartened but rather to rise above it all and continue to follow the Dharma (path of righteousness), do sadhana and He said most important is we do Karma Yoga while remembering the Divine, as with chanting the Shiva mantra Namashivaya.

Again, as I look astrologically, I do not believe it matters who wins the POTUS at the higher level. The Maha Kranti is happening anyway no matter who wins the election. The deeper concern is that our country is split almost down the middle and this divisiveness represents a weakening of the collective mind so that the mass delusion keeps rising as the mainstream media keeps programming so many deceptions of “us versus them” (the liberals versus the conservatives, and so on). We are too divided as a nation! Many people do not even know who to believe anymore or which news to listen to! We are turning against each other due to differing opinions about how to fix our ailing society, and the mass media and Powers that Be are turning us against each other. We must wake up and see the truth in this.

Why is there so much delusion being spewed in this season’s political process and so much hatred and negativity (and lies) being expressed from all directions along this huge chasm of philosophical and political polarization? Some of this can be attributed to spiritual warfare, a great battle between the forces of light and dark which is happening in the subtle planes and trickling down here now. It will escalate in 2017 as Saturn, the main Lord of Karma, will slowly grind his way back and forth three times across the gandanta between Scorpio and Sagittarius, which is the most unstable point in the zodiac where the gods and demons go to fight their greatest battle. This battle is something we lightworkers know about, but we also have some capacity to help the devas in the battle by holding the highest truth, light and love vibrations.

During the next few weeks, hold onto your hats. You don’t even need an astrologer to tell you this if you are following US politics. The battles, lies, deceptions, accusations, and manipulations are heating up leading to the November 8 election. Mars the fiery planet of war and conflict is transiting now in sidereal Sagittarius moving toward an Oct. 19 exact conjunction with Pluto, but they affect each other in orb for most of October. Pluto is a planet of transformation and as I have written about before, there have been significant natural and man-made disasters, including terror attacks; violent public disturbances; explosions; tragic weather events; transportation catastrophes; seismic eruptions; and disease outbreaks in past times of this conjunction. It brings violence and turmoil especially related to self-righteousness and ideological conflicts (terrorism, all these election battles, etc.).

Mars will square Uranus near the end of October indicating some dangerous or disturbing unexpected event(s). Full Moon on the 16th October occurs at exact end of the whole zodiac (29 Pisces, another gandanta which is fiery and transformational) which represents dangerous weather or seismic events and some new shocking realizations and upsets. Neptune and Ketu are transiting together in middle Aquarius indicating the deception but hopefully also some unveiling of deception for the US public (Aquarius Moon in US chart = the public).

I may be able to better see what happens on November 8 once we get through this month…as again, by the end of the month new revelations and events may have changed the course of the election. It is interesting to note that Wikileaks has promised a new set of Clinton emails being released November 1 which could be a dramatic blow to her campaign, but the rational part of me doubts it given much of the public delusion (or confusion) being programmed by mainstream media which is simply the propaganda arm of the liberal establishment party, and all of them are simply puppets of the New World Order. And that’s a separate topic for another day.

Love, light and peace to all,


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