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Everything that you’ve worked on so far has brought you to this point in your existence. What’s about to unfold right now is the dance of destiny, and it will align you with your true path and purpose. Get ready to lead with love, Aquarius. Get ready to walk the path of greatness. Remember, approaching matters in the same way as you did in the past will yield the same results. So, adopt a beginner’s mindset as you enter the new year. Self-care is also going to be a big theme for you in 2022. Let tuning into your own needs, nurturing your body and honouring your cycles become a part of your spiritual practice. When it comes to love and romance, you’re being asked to step out of your comfort zone. Something tells us you’re likely to meet a partner with a lust for adventure and a spirit as wild as yours.

Power crystal: Work with the iridescent labradorite to expand your awareness and remember your inherent magic.

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