Aquarius Love Horoscope: March 2022
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  • Post published:09/03/2022
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Aquarius, you’re simultaneously seeking the thrill of the new and the comfort of the familiar. But, did it ever occur to you that love and freedom are not mutually exclusive? That only you get to decide the rules of your relationship? Give yourself the permission to express what it is that you truly desire. Trust your partner to hold space for you to be your most authentic self no matter what. This could be the start of something brand new, beautiful. If you’re in a no-strings-attached kind of arrangement, take a moment to assess what you are seeking from this connection. It’s okay if you want more now than when you first started out. Moving into a space of clarity yourself will help you redefine your dynamics.

Power crystal: Aquamarine to express your truth in a gentle manner.

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