A Post-Election View, November 9, 2016
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Today after one of the most vitriolic election seasons of my lifetime, we know that Donald John Trump will be our 45th President of the United States, having won the electoral vote by a substantial margin, but probably coming in under Hillary Clinton in the final tally of the popular vote. This result has come as a shock and surprise to much of America, including many pundits and seers who predicted a Clinton win.

In June of 2015 after Donald Trump announced his candidacy for the GOP nomination, I wondered on the Jyotish Currents Facebook forum if he were being advised by an astrologer, because the announcement chart was so auspicious. At that time and through much of the last year and a half, many astrologers replied that he was not in any way a serious candidate.

In September 2015, I wrote on my Astral Harmony blog about the US Kelleher chart which was rectified by eminent Vedic astrologer James Kelleher in 1985 and set for July 4, 1776 at 18:30 in Philadelphia PA. Vedic astrologer and author Linda Johnsen wrote about the painstaking rectification process which Kelleher followed to come up with this particular birth chart for America, which is just one among many of the mundane horoscopes in use for our nation.

usa-kellehersfpage5I have successfully made predictions using this chart before and now that the election results are in, I am more confident than ever that it is correct, based on my prediction of a Trump win. In a September 2015 blog, I wrote about the Kelleher chart Rahu dasha and predicted the rise of a Rahu-esque “revolutionary” candidate in the 2016 US presidential race. At the time I was thinking it could be either or both Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump.

In February 2016, I also wrote on my website blog in an article titled Will Donald Trump ALL? about various natural and astrological omens pointing to the rise of Donald Trump. At the time I could accurately predict that he would win the nomination but admittedly, was never fully certain that he could win the presidency.

My friend and fellow astrologer Gary Gomes predicted a while back that Trump would win, and he based this on the Kelleher chart too. He said (and I agreed at the time) that Trump’s natal chart has more significant connections with the US Kelleher chart than Clinton’s did. Even though we do not know her time of birth, we can line up her planets on the day of birth to see if they fit into the Kelleher chart, which they don’t do that well. For example, her debilitated Sun in Libra is close to the Kelleher MC (midheaven).

Gary had mentioned at the time that other presidents always had close connections with the US chart. Though there are several compelling connections between Trump’s and the Kelleher chart, in my opinion the most compelling is Trump’s Jupiter in Virgo in  exact conjunction to Saturn in the 10th house of the Kelleher chart. This is a variation of dharma-karma yoga of purpose and power in the 10th house of government. This reflects that it is our country’s karma to have him as president, like it or not. It seems so important also as Trump is having his Jupiter Return this year and beginning his Jupiter mahadasha on Nov. 14, 2016 (using 365-day dasha year; but using a shorter day year he is already in Jupiter mahadasha),.

sfpage3sfpage4donald-trumpOn October 30 this year, I wrote a blog post on my Facebook page in which I predicted a very close election and also said that IF the Kelleher chart were truly the correct chart for the US collective karma, Trump would likely win the presidency. I based this on a very basic and simple transit technique. Because the prediction came true, it once again validates the Kelleher chart, and also it validates this transit technique. I am sharing it because it is a very good technique which I have seen working in other elections, and because I like to try and keep things simple in astrology and hope it can help all of us astrologers learn.

Specifically, what I was looking at is that on election eve, Mercury, lord of the 10th house of the Kelleher chart (ruling party) was transiting in the weak 12th house (loss, ending) and in the weak sandhi sign position too. The ruler of the 4th house (opposition party) is Jupiter, strong in the 10th house of government and applying toward a conjunction with the karma lord Saturn. [Please note that some astrologers use the 3rd house for opposition party but I prefer the 4th as it is opposed the 10th house of the party in power].

sfpage1Astrologer and friend Mark Ferreira made a really fascinating point in a comment on my Oct. 30 Facebook blog which I also want to share. He said that Mercury [ruler of the 10th house of party in power] would be transiting in Libra when the voting started on the US East Coast … crossing over into Scorpio as the day progressed. He said, “As Mercury is discrimination, the fact Mercury is ‘in-between’ for the greater part of the voting hours could indicate that the ‘undecided’ might carry the day.” I would also add that a “Secret Trump Vote” was reflected in the Mercury transit of the 12th “hidden” house in Scorpio, sign of secrets, as many who supported Trump were afraid to admit it. Why is that?  As Ed Rogers wrote in an October 17, 2016 article in the Washington Post titled “Could There Be a ‘Hidden Vote’ for Trump, “…maybe there are a number of people who will vote for Trump but never say so out loud — not because they are racist, sexist or whatever, but because they don’t want to deal with the wrath, disbelief and social stigma of being labeled as a Trump supporter in today’s finger-pointing atmosphere.” Or, as genius Dilbert creator and blogger Scott Adams lamented, it was not “safe” to come out in support Trump in California. Adams argued repeatedly from the very beginning that Trump was a Master of Persuasion who would win the Presidency.

On Inauguration Day, January 20, 2017, the transiting 4th and 10th house rulers of the Kelleher chart (Mercury and Jupiter) will exchange places in Parivartana Yoga also called Mutual Reception in which Mercury will be in Jupiter’s sign of Sagittarius in the 1st house, and Jupiter will be in Mercury’s sign of Virgo in the 10th house. Now we know that this clearly means that the two parties will exchange places in the White House.

sfpage2This below is the chart for Donald Trump’s acceptance speech on November 9 at 2:41 AM in New York City. Fortunately, benefic Jupiter is first to rise in the 1st house of the chart, which is the house representing the birth of his Presidency. Benefic Venus is in the hopeful sign of Jupiter (Sagittarius), and in the 4th house (the homeland). Angular benefics like this uplift the chart and reflect grace and good fortune. They are a protecting force like a super “fall breaker” for anything else that may be deemed challenging in this chart. It is also quite interesting to see Virgo rising in the chart, as this is the 10th house of the government and executive leadership of the US Kelleher chart, as mentioned earlier.

sfpage7Psychic medium John Edward wrote an inspiring and refined post-election blog today which I wanted to share as well since it reflects my sentiments exactly. He said, “Many people today are celebrating…others are mourning. We live in a country that has a process and it has spoken. Either way we need to be the best individuals possible. Which will inspire others in our immediate circle (children, family, friends, our community). We make a difference not solely in a vote, but in everyday choices. Holding the door open, smiling at a stranger, having tolerance and compassion for other people’s views, lifestyles, choices, even if we don’t agree with them. In opposition there is the reflection of our own issues thoughts and fears. One ELECTION cannot take that away. Instead, whether victorious or feeling defeated – be empowered to make a difference. Congratulations to your candidate if you voted for him and condolences if you were with Hillary. Fear for many is genuine right now. Uncertainty just beginning. Relief for many. Perspective. It’s yours to shape. But for all the groups that will either be affected or fear intolerance – be united and strong with and for them. We are more than a political party, or a side. We are people…instead of going off here or anywhere – know there’s a course, path, journey… lessons to be learned in EVERYTHING… LOOK FOR THE MAGIC in life’s moments.”



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