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September 24th 2018 at 7:52 pm PST there will be a full moon in the sign of Aries! This September full moon is also known as the Harvest Moon because this was the time of the year where many of our ancestors would wait for the perfect moment to pick and harvest corn or barley in preparation for the colder months ahead! The magic in this is that you also will be harvesting the fruit of your labor from this past year.

Looking Back at 2018

For the majority of 2018 we all have experienced the planets during their retrograde motions — meaning that the energy of the planets spent most of their time turned inward. This impacted you by controlling your ability to implement plans for the future and to move forward while seeing the direct results of your efforts.

What exciting new developments will unfold over the next 12 months?

The planets were slowing you down, not because they thought you were incapable, but because they still needed time to arrange windows of opportunity on your behalf. Each planet within our solar system controls different areas and elements within your life and they monitor your growth and provide additional resources in the form of experiences to help shape your maturation.

Moving Forward

On September 24th you now have the moment to reap the benefit of all of the lessons you have learned from not only this year but the passing years. This is the harvest that is happening within your life now!

With any full moon emotions tend to be high as our egos are stripped back and we are laid bare. This harvest moon however, falls in the sign of Aries- the sign that is the initiator & the leader of the pack! Emotions are ignited in this fiery September full moon and you are called to action!

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The sun (representing life force energy) falls in the sign of Libra who is focused on balance, beauty, and partnerships. The sun and moon oppose each other suggesting that you- for the sake of your own wellbeing and progress- may need to step away from a relationship minded focus to channel your attention on what is for your highest and greatest good and make power moves on that!

If you are personally called to care and tend to relationships during this September full moon it will come in a way that requires you to be bold and assertive. The cosmos may be asking you to make an executive decision on behalf of that partnership and what you know you need to do at this moment in your life. Usually, decision making of this nature strikes fear into the heart, but you have learned a lot this year and this final lesson is teaching you not only independence but also showing you that you are more than capable of doing what’s best for you! This message applies to all areas of your life — not just your alliances.

Triggering Emotions

The September Aries Full Corn Moon could easily trigger heavy emotions as the moon squares off with Saturn, the planet of restriction and responsibility. Mercury — the planet of communication and the mind — is also sharing his influence as he sits in the sign of Libra suggesting that many will have their attention on changes around important relationships but not at the expense of the wellbeing and path destined for the Self. No commitment should hold you back from your full potential — you don’t have to choose — you can have both. This September full moon will help you to pave the way but also to find your way whether you are linked to others or standing strong solo.

One last thing — this September full moon is surging spontaneity into your life as Uranus squares off with Mars. You will for sure feel rightfully confident but at the same time with Aries energy and placement of the current planets you need to make sure that you are not being reckless or carelessly destructive. Remember, the sun in Libra opposes the moon guiding you to make power moves but also to maintain balance. Saturn has taught you a lot this last year so remember what you have learned and make wise decisions!


Aries is ruled by fire energy which can be incredibly potent to deal with especially under the light of a full moon! For this reason, make sure that you have set a clear reason and intention for doing your ritual. For example, is there something you want to bring into your life — a spontaneous trip to Greece? A passionate romance? — or maybe even banish, like a student loan debt or an irritating boss? Focus on a few (up to three!) important things and give them your undivided attention.

  1. Bless your ritual space first with the fire and smoke from incense or a sage bundle. Call in the four elements starting from the east, south, west, and north. Visualize white light coming from each direction. In the center of your ritual and energy circle invite in God/Goddess energy and the support of your ancestors.
  2. Sitting in front of a white or red candle visualize what you want or need to happen within your life, writing it down in red or black ink (red if you want to attract, black if you want to banish).
  3. When you’re finished, take a deep breath and visualize white light and power filling your lungs. Exhale, visualizing your breath as fire. Do this three times total with each breath getting stronger, brighter, and more powerful.
  4. On the third breath, exhale and blow your breath over the paper filled with intentions. You’re infusing the power of your intent over the paper.
  5. Hold the paper over the flame of your candle and let it burn (safely!) over an abalone shell or in a fire proof bowl. This is alchemy as the fire turns into ash the same as your vision turns into manifestation. Blow the ashes out into the wind to bring the results to life fast!

Jessica Wiggan is the creator of BehatiLife, an online apothecary selling custom, hand crafted magical blends. Jessica is available for tarot and astrology readings, and also runs an online Tarot school. Find her on Instagram. 

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