6 Things You Should Never Do at a Psychic Reading
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You never know what to expect when going to see a psychic for the first time: Is it going to be like the movies? Are they going to tell you some Earth-shattering news about your life? Should you be scared? Though we can’t answer those exact questions, we can tell you that you have nothing to fear when visiting a psychic and only need to follow a few guidelines to have a positive first-time experience. Here are the top six ways that newbies totally blow their first session with a psychic.

  • Not Recording the Session
  • Tricking the Psychic
  • Being Under the Influence
  • Dictating the Reading
  • Doing a Group Reading
  • Leaving Your Manners at the Door


#1. Not record the session 

You may be convinced that you’ll remember every bit of your session, but if you’re caught up in an emotional moment, things may not stick. That’s why a recording of your session (either with a tape recorder or on your phone) ensures that you have something to review later. If you’re concerned about your intuitive having a negative reaction, don’t be—most will welcome it. “I definitely recommend them,” says Glenn Klausner, a New York-based psychic medium. After listening to your session, you may discover that a family fact you weren’t aware of is actually true, or a comment that went over your head will resonate later, Klausner says.

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#2. Trick the psychic 

If you’re a skeptic, you might be tempted to try to mislead a psychic to see if they really know what they’re talking about—that’s a total no-no, says Klausner. And it’s also a waste of your time. “You don’t want to try to trick the psychic or a medium,” he says. “The spirit will be very insistent (if you’re providing wrong information) and call you out on it. A spirit is coming from another frequency and looking to meet us halfway. Go in there open and honest.” You don’t have to lay all your cards on the table right off the bat, but don’t lie or hold back necessary information.

#3. Drink too much beforehand 

Whether you’ve had a few and then think it’s a good idea to see a psychic or you’re a bit nervous before your session, partying beforehand is a major misstep. Some psychics will refuse to read you if you’re intoxicated and if you are tipsy while at a reading, something that may have had meaning to you when sober could just sail right over your head. Bottom line: Save the vino for after your reading!

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#4. Dictate the reading

Nine times out of ten if you’re going to a psychic, you have a question that needs answering or a topic that you want insight into. But that doesn’t mean you should be so laser focused on that issue that you refuse to listen if the psychic wants to steer the conversation in another direction. “You don’t want to stop them, for example, from giving you information about a loved one of yours or limit the psychic to one thing,” Klausner says. “Spirit doesn’t work that way. The biggest mistake you can make is not being open and trying to dictate what the reading should be.” So even if you want hard facts about your love life, don’t stop the flow of conversation if some career info bubbles up.

#5. Do a group reading (if you want it to be all about you) 

Going to a reading with a trusted friend or family member may provide the support you need during an emotional session, but it may mean that what you are there for could go unaddressed. Klausner points out that you can’t exactly dictate that a three-person session be divided equally among those three people—as messages may come in more strongly for one person than another. “Just be prepared that if you’re looking for that reading to be about just you and it focuses more on your friend, then that’s the way it was meant to be,” he says.

#6. Show up late

Just like any other relationship, you want to make sure that you’re treating your psychic with common courtesy. If you’re going to be late, let them know. Keep your cell phone on vibrate, or explain that it has to be on if you’re expecting an important phone call or dealing with a family situation. Don’t gripe about the price or attempt to haggle, and approach the experience in a respectful manner. “Just be a polite person and treat people the way you would want them to treat you,” Klausner says.

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