2019 New Year Chart at the December 21, 2018 Solstice
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Our Sun is now transiting in the Galactic Center, an event which occurs every year in the third week of December around the solstice. The Galactic Center is known as Vishnu Nabhi in the Vedic tradition, the Navel of Lord Vishnu, which is the source of cosmic light and creative power in our Milky Way Galaxy. As our Sun, the local source for this cosmic light and power, transits through the Galactic Center, it is being recharged and rejuvenated in an energetic upgrade.

The solstice will occur on December 21, 2018 at 5:23 PM EST (10:23 PM UTC). The days before and after the solstice mark an extremely sensitive time for the Earth and her inhabitants, so it’s important to slow down and be extra mindful now. Spiritual gateways are opening and energies are shifting,and this can be a magnificent experience for those who are tuned inward, but functioning in 3D requires a bit of extra grounding and awareness now.

Astrologers employ a wide variety of horoscopes to make predictions about upcoming world affairs and events, which encompasses the branch of astrology known as “Mundane astrology.” I like to look at the astrological chart for the solstice, and particularly for the winter solstice. This chart will tell us something about the next six months of the yang/solar ascending cycle (uttarayana), which sets the stage for the entire year spanning from now until the next winter solstice. The solstice chart can be calculated for any locale to help us see what will happen there. I like to do this for all locations on the Earth where my loved ones or I (or my clients) will be traveling, in order to be on the lookout for any potentially problematic mundane events. Here are the charts and some of my findings for the winter solstice chart for the U.S., set for Washington D.C.:

The ascendant of the solstice chart is at ~14 degrees sidereal Gemini, which brings an emphasis on neighboring countries; communication/media; the automobile industry and other transportation matters; and stocks and the stock market. Gemini is the sign in the seventh house of the U.S. Kelleher chart, so it brings seventh house matters into focus, too.

This seventh house theme is further reinforced by the placement of the Sun, the most important factor to consider in the solstice chart, in the seventh house of the solstice chart. The seventh house concerns foreign countries; international affairs and disputes; and major events on the world stage. The Sun is afflicted by its conjunction with Saturn and Pluto in the seventh house, which points to the possibility of a significant international conflict (or conflicts).

The rising nakshatra is Ardra, which can signify communication breakdowns; dangerous storms; and respiratory diseases. Ardra nakshatra, known as the “Star of Sorrow,” is ruled by the “Roaring God” of storms named Lord Rudra, who is a fierce aspect of Shiva. Ardra’s higher expression shines potently through ardent feelings and deep perception, but its lower expression is revealed through stormy conditions and tumultuous events.

RudraThe Full Moon of December 22, 2018 falls at the beginning of Ardra nakshatra, which is an important synchronicity. The Full Moon will culminate at 12:48 PM EST, less than a day after the solstice. The almost-Full Moon during the solstice will supercharge the next six months through the well-known “lunar effect;” and because it falls in the twelfth house of the solstice chart, and fourth house of the lunation chart, it may indicate certain secrets coming to light and important unresolved matters coming to a close in the next six months.

Ardra nakshatra both rising in the solstice chart and with the Full Moon speaks to ongoing unsettled conditions among the U.S. populace, and also, the possibility of a public health matter, especially because the first house is afflicted by Saturn’s full aspect from the seventh house. The conjunction of Saturn with the Sun in the seventh house also suggests antagonism and a lack of cooperation in regard to the current government administration.

These same themes are mirrored by the placement of Mercury, the ruler of the Gemini-ruled chart, in a planetary war (graha yuddha) with Jupiter in the sixth house of enmity and dis-ease. This planetary war reflects the current divisions and battles in American politics and culture. The sixth house in mundane astrology also represents the working classes and military. The planetary war here suggests discontent and disorder among the working classes; the possibility of a health crisis or much tension around health care issues; and heavy expenditures in the military.

Uranus in the eleventh house of the legislature indicates turmoil in Congress, and the suggestion for further sudden unexpected developments, disorderliness, or some possible danger to its members. It could be significant that the “new” Congress will convene on January 3, and Uranus will station direct a few days later. Be prepared for the possibility of a wild ride or shocking event in the coming weeks, but it doesn’t necessarily mean something “bad,” because the Sun (the President) is in a favorable trine to Uranus in the eleventh house. This is considered a harmonious aspect that might signify some advancement in the President’s agenda.

During the solstice still point which will occur from December 21-24, Mars, the warrior planet of action and energy, will be traversing the sandhi (liminal edge or cusp) between sidereal Aquarius and Pisces. Planets in sandhi are somewhat dis-oriented, and what they symbolize within us and our world can be very sensitive, vulnerable, or erratic. In the case of Mars, we should remain cautious and mindful during these days, as the impatient, impulsive, violent, or accident-prone tendencies of Mars can become aggravated, even more so as Mars will be aspected by the Moon’s North Node Rahu.

Mars in the solstice chart falls in the often-bellicose Purva Bhadrapada nakshatra, and in the ninth house conjunct Neptune (deception, agitation, unrest), and conjunct the MC (midheaven) which represents the President and his administration. Sandhi Mars can sometimes have a dangerous warlike effect. Mars as ruler of the sixth house of conflict and eleventh house of the legislature at the 29th degree in conjunction with the MC reveals that there will be some significant disruptions and turmoil coming within and through the new Congress in 2019, and especially in relation to the President and his administration. Much of the conflict may have to do with budget, trade and commerce issues; immigration matters; personal scandals; and legal and judicial matters (related ninth house significations).

Last year’s winter solstice chart has Neptune conjoined the ascendant, which points to our national unrest; secret propaganda; distrust of media; criminality, especially related to a porous border and out-of-control illegal immigration issues; confusion around our national identity; and threats to basic freedoms. Here is the chart for the 2017 winter solstice:

In this year’s solstice chart, these same Neptunian qualities are similarly influencing the MC, representing unrest due to political polarization and the secret forces that continue to try to undermine the President and his administration. Yet, Venus is trine the ascendant, Neptune, and the MC from its strong placement in Libra in the fifth house; and Jupiter is trine the tenth house cusp, both of which offer a significant counterbalance in terms of positive energy and protection to the President and his administration specifically.

In regard to the economy as seen from this chart, which is by no means the only astrological view, it is significant that Rahu and Ketu (karmic focus) are in the 2/8 axis (economic matters) and in an exact T-Square with Uranus (high frequency, upheaval, unpredictability, and volatility). This alignment traditionally points to economic stagnation, depression of securities, extreme uneasiness in financial circles, and deepening concerns about debt. It also clearly reflects something that Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin recently said about the cause of recent market volatility, which is that it is in great part due to high-frequency trading that saps liquidity in the market and inserts volatility in assets.

Really, when you read the analysis of the U.S. chart, it sounds like more of the same kind of challenges that we had in 2018. Part of this is because the nation is in a difficult Rahu mahadasha for many more years to come, a cycle in which the fabric of society is being torn apart. Yet, to put it in a much greater perspective, Swami Sri Yukteswar did indicate that the Golden Age of Humanity (Sat Yuga) will not arrive for some five thousand more years, so what’s the hurry! Seriously, never give up hope for positive societal transformation because every day progress is being made, and each one of us can and does contribute to this progress through our own evolution.

Looking at 2018 and 2019 from the more global perspective, it’s interesting to consider numerology. The year 2018 was a 2 Year (2 + 0 + 1 + 8 = 11 = 1 + 1 = 2). This is a year ruled by the Moon which brings focus on connection, caring, relationship, relationships, and peacemaking. The Moon year has also been a year of restlessness and many changes mirroring the Moon’s fickle waxing and waning nature. The year 2019 is a 3 Year (2 + 0 + 1 + 9 = 12= 1+ 2 = 3) which is ruled by Jupiter. My friend Christina Richa Devi, astrologer, yoga teacher, and Vedic numerologist at OMpalaceYogavidya shared her thoughts about the Jupiter year with me in a private communication. This is a small excerpt of her analysis:

“It will be spiritually illuminating as the laws of the cosmos will be more obvious for all to experience. Jupiter, Guru, the ultimate teacher, will indeed act as the remover of ignorance and be an active agent in bringing the ‘law’ home to the people. There will be less to hide, fewer secrets, and not as much momentum to play old paradigm power games. In this year there will be many large-scale natural disasters. Many superficial things will drop away by necessity. We will have an opportunity to recognize our falsehood and delusions, and by the forces of the divine oversoul, desire a more beneficial outcome for the collective evolution. This will only manifest if we all commit to sincere spiritual practice and mental ecology and shed our toxic habits.”

I will be writing more mundane forecasts for 2019 in the weeks and months to come, and will be looking at a variety of factors including the New Year’s major transits and eclipses; the U.S. dashas; and the Vedic New Year chart of April 5, 2019. Until then, happy Winter Solstice, and to all my friends in the southern hemisphere, happy Summer Solstice, and I wish all my readers a very happy, healthy, and prosperous 2019.


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